I see you!(poem)

You see me I see through you
I don´t have in this computer for the writing erros
You see me I see through you
Gotta love you
Yes that´s You!
Those who read………..watch…..observe
can´t write no
more I gotta run!

Stay frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. May I be honest? I got un uneasy feeling when I read the name of the poem. I got the feeling that you were leaving for real, for a roadtrip…I hope you stay and that this is just another one of your great, transparent poems.

    1. Hi, sorry for the delay response, read the post if you want the last one I posted today. No road trip unfortunately although that would be quite cool don´t you think, so now worries no hurries. I finally got internet back!!!!!

    1. I had no internet, what the fuck where do you think I go? To some shady ass town with some shady characters……you´r right! 😉 Na, they installed the fiber optic thing and it was a pain in the ass and we did have to go without any connection to the outside world for quite some days.

      By the way, where do you disappear if you haven´t dissapear now………..*sigh* and more *sigh*

      1. YES that is EXACTLY what I think and most of the times I’m right ! ~_~

        Good to know you are alright, so does this mean you gonna have fast internet 😉

        I’m right here by the way, If I disappear it’s cuz I’m not in the mood 😛

      2. Oh that friend of ‘Ours’ is just busy with life, that’s all. There is an event our friend is covering. so there is a lot of work but otherwise everything’s well 🙂

    1. I´m safe, I´m with internet now which is even better. So now I can communicate and read other people, that is also quite nice.

      By the way with the body I have,forget about running I need a weal chair…… although you could always push the weal chair and be a good samaritan.

    1. Hi again, I also wanted to share with some of the emoticons – because we recently shared about the ❤
      here are others (just FYI)

      smile 🙂 or 🙂 or 🙂

      wink 😉 or 😉 or 😉

      bigsmile 😀 or 😀 or 😀

      tongue 😛 or 😛 or 😛

      heart 😀 or 👿 or 😈

      surprised 😮 or 😮 or 😮 or 😯 or 😯 or 😯

      angry 😡 or 😡 or 😡 or 😡

      burrito 🌯

      wordpress (W) | (w)

      mindblown O_o

      mindblown-alt o_O

      martini 🍸

      whiterussian |_|

      star ⭐

      developer :developer:

      bear 🐻

      mrgreen :mrgreen:

      arrow ➡

      confused 😕 or 😕 or 😕

      cool 😎 or 😎

      idea 💡

      blush ^^’

      oops 😳

      rolleyes 🙄

      exclaim ❗

      question ❓

      1. sorry that did not come out the way it was on my list – it was supposed to show the type makes to make each image – oh well…

      2. The thing is, that I have no freaking clue what is the letters or symbols you have to put in order to make all those smiles appear on screen. Hell, you almost have to be an expert in hieroglyphics to do it.

        Shoot me an email one day if you have time and let me see it, and don´t lie about the symbols if you tell me this symbol is a heart and it turns out is a creepy face giving out the birdy, I´ll…….double check then.

    2. Always my pleasure to swing by, you know that. I´m going to coin the Sir Writer, I like the ring of it. And also you´re brother must be a handsome man if he looks like me.

      1. Got a surprise for you by the way, maybe you like it or maybe is none of your interest. I´ll shoot you an email latter on and tell you about it. See what you think of it. Don´t be scared, is something related to the blog thing and participating in another blog…..said too much for now, shoot you an email later on.

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