I too have a cool quote!

Lately or not so lately I see a bunch of blogs that have quotes, they´re nice and joyful,uplifting so I needed to come out with my own little quote. You know, couldn´t be left behind.

People talk about hope and dreams and that´s all nice and dandy but……

The real bridge for your hopes and dreams to become true is……hard work!

There you go I said it, the great revelation. And even with hard work most hopes and dreams won´t become true. But the chances do increment.


  1. I think that all dreams shouldn’t come true.
    There must be dreams left to dream, Because..who are we, without our dreams?

    1. We can have all the dreams we want, but realise they are just that, dreams, something intangible that will never happen. And if you believe it will happen then you´re obviously going to be disappointed when nothing happens.

      1. That’s exactlyu my point too, what I mean is that it’s ok too have dreams, but at the same time be aware that it is just what is is. dreams. Not reality.

      2. You are really sweet.:-)….. the point is…we need them because we are humans….we always need something to reach out for…I guess that is the whole point with dreams…to keep us going…

        People who survived difficult situations often say that the hang on to a vision, call it a dream a picture…
        Maybe dreams are there for us not to lose hope…

        …I sat this morning figuring out, that I don’t have any dreams anymore….( not even to met Bruce in person….)…I have wishes…but no dreams…that’s not good at all…I have to change that.

      3. :-)..and since you’re living in the countryside..with no circus, monkeys or entertainment around…(except for your dogs)..look at me as a travelling gypsy passing by ..driving you nuts…still entertaining 🙂

        Have a great weekend and love you too

      4. My dreams as of right now after cleaning about 14 dog shits is for these monsters not to go to the bathroom so much. That is a dream that will never happen until they go to doggy heaven.

  2. well you dod have great quotes – and this is just uno mas amigo – 🙂

    “People talk about hope and dreams and that´s all nice and dandy but……

    The real bridge for your hopes and dreams to become true is……hard work!”

    so keep writing Sir Writer –
    Mr. Prior

  3. This quote is not only inspiring. It points the direction in which the inspiration has to lead you – straight to hard work. It is a strategic quote. Good stuff :)!

  4. This was actually a very nice quote…Though Obvious but very true!
    Never knew your bald head and two neurons could come up with such stuff still…considering the age factor too ! 😉

    On a serious note I love your reflections in form of these wise words 🙂

  5. Hi, Charly! I like what you wrote beneath your quote even better. I have a “Quotes” page on my site about Israel, except I can’t find more than one quote to feature. It should be called a Quote page (it’s not even my quote). I like your quote, and I ‘d like to add it to the other one, if you’ll let me. What I’d like to post, by Charly Priest, is “Even with hard work most hopes and dreams won’t become true. But the chances do increment”. Please let me know, when and if you can, if you’ll let me use it. Thank you. And here’s a link to decide if you want to be on my site, where I often dis Israel-haters: http://newsnotes1.wordpress.com

      1. Yes, beneath your quote. I know; I thought it sounded great, too ! Thank you so much for letting me post it. I appreciate it.

      1. Hi, Charly! It’s nice to meet you, too. We met at Isolated Girl’s site, whete I interrupted your conversation with her. I guess I’m not very nice. Please forgive me. Thank you, Charly. It’s nice to meet you, too! I hope your day will go okay later on, that your phone will revive, that you’ll have freedom, considering you’ve fought for it for others… Take care, be well, shalom.

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