Narcissist ME (pic´s)

I just realise I wrote the last 3 post´s about being strong, grounded in reality, things like that, all very serious really and the thing is that I really didn´t write it about me, which seems some people think I do. I do most of the times but not all the time. I wrote them actually for a special person to see if he or she got out of the dark hole. Didn´t seem to work by the way, only oneself can get out of it at least from my experience. So it´s 3:30 a.m in Spain and decided to write this thing, can´t sleep, so instead of going serious for others I´m just going to enjoy being narcissist me and making fun of me and then post it tomorrow.Enjoy if you like.

IMG_1390 O yeah, look at that stud, getting ready to go…have no idea but I was going somewhere. So that´s the first picture, I look even normal. There is a debate within the family that I sometimes look like a criminal, not kidding. What does a criminal look like exactly is my question? Anyways, so that´s me , I did call the post narcissist me though……anyways again, this was probably taken by my great mommy before I went out Friday night, or boggy nights as I call them. Cause I´m the boggy man.Foto 290  This was  the face of the aftermath of one of those nights out, why would somebody post things like this?go figure, I´ll talk with  my psychotherapist. Forgot, she doesn´t even want to see me, anybody out there that wants to help a pour soul?

Now me againIMG_1462 much better now, and ready to go on the great adventure. It is great for me since around where I live I can´t find much of theseIMG_1464_2 bookstores! And yes that´s me again bought 3 books, and see the last section, the one I´m looking at! Well only there you can find books in English so that is for me a greater adventure than getting shot at or stabbed or in a fight. Got some screwed up things that happened in my life that´s for sure.

The day doesn´t end there, then I take care of this beautyIMG_0894 . Doesn´t it look good! Damn it does, I´m the one taking care of the garden and stepping on the shit´s of these two bastards that look at them they´re in love, love, loveIMG_1470Can you believe the one looking at the camera is the male, we got to the conclusion that he is a bit gay, or totally gay. By we is the whole family, but he´s cute. A bit dumb for sure he´s suffers from the Piterpan syndrome, you know when people don´t grow up…..well translate that to a dog. But what can you do, he´s  part of the family. Holy shit, I forgot. They do have dog food but when they are in the house we do give them bread, so the bread that is left from some days back and not going into why so much is left but look at this thingIMG_1455Broke a hand cutting the hard bread and sweated like a pig all for the two bastards up there. So after the hard labour of doing the garden, not really hard labour. I worked as a gardener and that is not fun at all. But working just  an hour maintaining mom´s garden it is quite relaxing for me, I say it´s my yoga. Look!IMG_0910And like these one there are quite a few to take care off. It´s interesting to see how they talk to you, I´m not going completely nuts here. They do talk to you by means of “hey, my last flower is going a bit down maybe some water every two days or so?”

So after hard gardening labour is time to huntIMG_1460_2 took me a while to grab it but I´m fast as a gazelle. And disclaimer, for vegetarian people I do not hate animals I do love to cook them thoughIMG_1461hummmmmmm, roasty toasty tasty. So after a good meal what do you do? You sit down and talk with a friend with a cigarette in handIMG_1364, no not the dog is the friend, I´m actually on the phone with another human. And see the female doggy to your right, what the hell is she talking about…….look at her mouth, she´s saying something. I´m looking down probably cursing her out since I can´t hear the other person on the line and can´t understand what Daisy is her name, but she doesn´t seem too please with me. And I figured it out now, because I´m not paying attention to her! Women……. 😉

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. You know what? You are the kind of Narcissus who wants everybody to see the reflected image of the bad guy, that ganster look, but you are not. I won’t be deceived, Carlitos. However, fun post. Tink 🙂

  2. we sometimes give our dogs some old bread – actually bagels – and they love it! Less now – but they used to love it and they would run around the yard with the bagel like it was a prize.
    anyhow, funny post amigo – and wondering how you got that shot of you at the bookstore –

    1. I still have some friends left to take some pictures of me when I´m not looking…..

      bagels, man do I miss those. There are no bagels here, just the crumbs of bread is all I can offer them. Bagels…..those are some lucky dogs you have

      saw your post on Buffalo NY, so it means beautiful waterfront coming from the word in French, interesting post Mr. Prior.

      1. thanks CP4 (that is my latest nickname for you – and you will have to guess why!) – but the bread you have actually looks better to me than bagels -because your bread samples were so assorted and mmm mmm mmm
        anyhow, thanks for the comment on the Buffalo post – the city is actually very economically hurting – and I guess they have more jobs in the area of “collections” than other areas in the US – but the economy is so bad there and then they have horrid winters – so cold for soooo long – and well, I wanted to show a nicer side because the city is also a cool place and I actually never meant to move away – I am glad it worked out that way – but I could have lived there forever.

        anyhow, have a great day amigo.

        signed, Senor Prior’

      2. I know about the cold up in Buffalo and I still remember hearing about Buffalo New York as if it some far away land not part of New York and yep still remember it was mostly working middle lower class people there.

        But you did show a great side to it, and I´m sure there are more great sights to the place.

        You too have a great day, or night since over there it must be quite late.

      3. Forgot I figured why is CP4 my nickname now, doooo, of course I use the F word a lot which has 4 letter so is
        CPF……sounds better that way anyways

    2. love the pic on the deck… Daisy is going on about how he really needs to try harder to understand her….He is thinking jeez, I wish this guy would get off the phone and bring on some burgers.

      1. Geez! Looked like Boxers to me 🙂 My neighbor had a Mastiff – one day it was playing politely with my dog (as it had done many times) suddenly it turned on her, sunk teeth into her neck and wouldn’t let go. Holy crap! 🙂

  3. You have had a pretty good day. Now I know what the narcissist’s days look like – relaxed, with the right amount of physical exercises and good food 🙂 Very attractive ! 🙂
    Take good care of yourself!

  4. Hahahaha 🙂 Thanks for the laughs. Haven’t been reading much on WordPress lately unfortunately, but when I saw your post come up on my feed I couldn’t resist. Looks like you had a good day! I agree with you on the gardening, being out in nature doing simple things really brings your blood pressure down. Also, bookstores are hard to come by these days. Really sad, I prefer reading a physical book than using a Kindle or whats-it device to read books.

    1. I don´t even know how to use Kindle!

      I´m old school, I like the touch of the book, sitting someplace letting the pages pass through my hand plus I also like my little library I have here and I plan to pump it up with more books,and probably end up without a roof no money for food but at least I can say I have my own little library.

      1. Good to know I got off without a fee 😉

        Library sounds good! Of course, if you run out of money for food you can always steal some of the bread from the doggies 😛 Seems like they have much to spare ahaha

      2. You´re right on that, too much bread for sure. Probably is good for the teeth also since their teeth are whiter than mine,and I do brush 3 times a day!

  5. I was almost starting to miss the narcissist post of yours, Good to know you are still here and not abducted by aliens already.

    By the way who takes your pictures?? I’m sure you don’t have a personal photographer hired to take your photos 🙄

    1. I´ll send you the bread any time you want……not really you´re too much of a good writer for that. I can send you some short stories though and you tell me what you think of them in exchange for a good cooked chicken that is.

  6. Charly – reading your posts always brings me joy!! Laughed my ass off at this one, too!! The bookstore – now that is a place I can get in trouble spending way too much money & time!! I do have a very small library all my own (at least 500 books). I don’t think you look like a criminal (& I have actually known a few in my past), but I do think you are probably way too cute for your own good 🙂 Always enjoy your pics & really enjoyed this post!!

    1. 500 books you said in your personal library… just put up a challenge for me. Gotta start reading more and faster now. And piling them up in my personal library, which is not 500 but it looks pretty cool anyways.

      To cute for my own good….so then I don´t look like a criminal! Tell that to my family, or maybe they´re just pulling my leg….bastards.

  7. Great post and photos! I love the bread photo especially. You’re a man of many talents! Really enjoying your blog and writing. Have an awesome day and best wishes! 😀

      1. hehehehehe no you were not, i was told you were on my stalkers page, and yes i do take you very seriously sugar. I see she is accusing me of being a fake again. tsk tsk. How childish can one woman be?

        Still missed you though.

      1. ohhhh sugar, i dont even realise i do it you know. Brought up with it i presume. I am glad, that you like the way it sounds though. Mwah mwah mwaaaaaaaaah. 😉

      2. I am definitely a dudess as you call it, hahahahaha Cant you tell by my femaninity? Lova ya too sugar.

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