The Forest(prompt)

FWF by   #FWF Free Write Friday: Time & Place Scenario | Kellie Elmore

He felt his feet melt with the snow. Each step was a lost step, why more steps if he wasn´t getting anywhere. He knew it deep down inside that this forest had taken his life slowly, pound by pound, inch by inch, and all because of what, because of a midnight stroll to clear his head from his nagging fiancé? Why was she such a………he couldn´t even think straight. Gushes of cold wind clipped his face like knife´s, he could barely see three feet in front of him. He though this would be his way to go, he already had suffered too much in this world, he had done and seen what most people would never do or see, his time was up. He was now remorseful for walking out in his wife yet again he knew it would happen sooner or latter. But didn´t expect it to be in this forest in the middle of Montana.

He suddenly saw what appeared to him as somebody carrying a flashlight, he slowly walked towards it his feet not feeling anything his whole body didn´t feel any wind any snow it was dying but he kept going on.

“Yo bro!”

“I need help I think.”

“hahaha, I need help too”

The man pushed him into a wooden cabin, his ears started ringing, more flashes in his face, women suddenly naked started to undress him and eating every inch of his cold body.

The next morning Jordan woke up and saw all his friends and the girls he came to the party spread out through out the living room of the wooden cabin some naked some semi naked but all where passed out.

“Jordan my man”

He turned around and smiled “Hey Charlie, that was some trip we had yesterday, good mushrooms you brought, can´t remember nothing.”

“You bet they where good, you started wondering around through the forest saying something about a girlfriend and what not, haaha”

This is what fraternity boys did, and Jordan had been introduced to their world. And this cabin in the middle of the forest will be they´re little hangout for the rest of his four years of life at Montana State University.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Well thank you very much, I don´t know why the strange twist comes natural to me and also don´t know why they tend to be some stupid little thing instead of some deep thing.

      1. I thought it was really interesting. To me it almost seems like the beginning of a novel. Any minute now the main character is gonna come out and introduce himself

      2. Now that you say it, yes it does seem like the beginning of a novel, I´ll save this thing maybe something comes out of it on a later date. Good idea you had.

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