Broga yoga (poem)

Feeling stressed out men?
no problem, this time no killings of them
this is for real men with a big pen, winking
not sinking though
we come together, as,
it has never
we are bro´s
and this time not talking about hoe´s!
out with the stresses
and don´t put on the dresses, still,
come on let´s get out of this twilight mill
it´s called yoga
with no toga
just us, bro´s and bro´s
real men now coming together
as it has never, it´s called the
BROGA YOGA with no toga!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Disclaimer- I know disclaimer should be put on top, the first thing but I´m just too cool. This Broga Yoga thing I´m not making it up, look it up if you want. We´re is our manhood going……..


  1. Funny Charles! This os my first read of the day. Great way to start the day as far as Im concerned. Hows the weather on your side of the puddle?
    It is unusually warmer than normal over here. Its like 13 degrees or something. Pissing it down though, as always. But that is why we have gills and webbed feet!
    Peace brother
    Good poem

    1. Thank´s Henry, it´s actually true that broga yoga thing, only in America this could happen. Gotta love the yankees!

      And in this side of the puddle, yep, seems the same. It´s unusually hot for being November. During day time at 3 p.m got up to 22 degrees, and that is weird for this time of year. And in England most people must be walking around in state of shock since it´s always raining there. By the way, why in the world is it always raining in that little island……

      1. Hey, we did the crusades. The Spanish Inquisition where we slaughtered half the earth population and we still have good weather. So it has to be something else.

      2. Don’t forget the spanish influenza!
        England is no saint. Ask the irish, welsh, scottish, French, Germans, Argentinians…the list is endless.

  2. I just loved this. It’s not only a great poem…but it is fun too. I googled Broga Yoga pictures on google….please do it all of you who read my comment..:-)..this was so fun and I needed to smile.
    And as they say in American and the Swedish Idol…you made the sont yours, you made this Broga Yoga thing yours Charly…man, I will never forget it……..<3

    1. I prefer to become a vegetarian than do that thing, kind of weird a bunch of dudes in tight pants next to each other doing strange positions… way. Plus an ex girlfriend of mine once took me to this yoga thing, with girls that is, and one I couldn´t lift the leg or have any balance and second I was distracted watching all the other girls stretching. So no yoga for me, but it does exist this broga yoga thing.

  3. Totally laughing . . . “BROGA YOGA with no toga” – you know I am going to look that one up. I don’t think they do that here in Texas, but I could be wrong 😉

      1. I stand corrected – i looked it up & they do have these in Texas – at least in the metro areas … Maybe I could open a Broga Yoga Dude Ranch 😎

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