Can´t abra cadabra the world

Yo! what do you want from me? I´m starting to get tired of this bullshit. Wan´t me to clean your little house and I do, want me to walk with you early in the morning and I do, want me to bathe you and I do, want me to cook you the meal and guess what….I do that too!
And now you want me to find you a girlfriend, come on man, what´s wrong with you?
I can´t abra cadabra the world.

This conversation took place early this evening and the bastard ended like thisIMG_1450

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. Interestingly, this reminded me of how much I miss having a dog? With a cat you get a withering look which you know means, ‘you’re a bitch.’

    1. cats are weird………..i prefer that thing in the picture, he´s a big puppy doesn´t have any agenda in mind.

      Probably the most he thinks of is ………..have no idea

  2. Hehejehee! That a nice looking tantrum you have. Can a drunk dog identify a potential girlfriend, wouldn’t he just pee all over her as it would a pole?

    1. he is weird I´ll tell you that, actually weird is the least you can say about that thing. But as a good dog, since with the weirdness at the end of the day it is mine and i do have to take care of it, he loooooooooooooves women(doggy woman)actually he gets to much excited. Go figure they do say that mascots resemble the owners…………..

    1. Been reading you for quite some time, and learning from you as well as all the other peopele i read of poetry, basically i´m saying that compared to you i still have a loooooooooong way to go.

    1. sweet caroline! tell you a story now, not home right now tha´s why i can´t get internet access but once i get home i´ll give that thing for free. I freaking mail it to you, it´s not cute, it´s a mean nasty farting machine. But he´s mine, so what can you do….take care of it.

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