The talking girl (poem)

my deduction
is my redaction
keep talking bitch
as i´m writing

she just keeps talking
and me just writing
holy shit, still
talking and this is no bullshit
sorry for the curse words
or not, free coutry free minds
now, she aparently have shut up
so apart from being this source of inpiration
not kidding writing this as she´s talking some strange bull shit
poetry it´s called?….go figure
she´s the source of this inspiration
yes i should get a nomination
i didn´t say a word for about 1 minute now  ain´t i ain´t saying nothing get me nothing really,
just nodding, although no listening really
can´t listen to silly
so me no talking for what just for silly talking
just thinking… na, and now she keeps on with
the bla bla bla.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. No one is asking….so I ask, and we’ll see if you hold it against me or not.
    Who is this girl? Have you been having lunch with a politician?

  2. this is another resample of your brilliance as you mix social elements with your sweet free verse and fun word flows –
    and dude, well one thing we all know is that most women have 200 words for a man’s one word. Not in every person of course – and their are some talkative males – but for the most part – women can do some serious talking – and I love the perspective you give us here on it.

      1. well there is a scene in The Bourne Identity that ties into this – I think I have a link to it and I will be back to share it – but Jason Bourne is driving in the car with Marie and she is “speed talking” and when she says she should stop – he says “oh no, don;t do that… it is relaxing….” and we always laugh when that part comes on – because that is one wise dude… and while sometimes it is a thumb down time to be serenaded with verbosity – there are times when we just listen because we care – ❤ I will find the link….
        peace out sir writer

      2. Movies are movies, that was reality. Wish it was that easy to make a smart remark with no real hard consequences to it. You don´t even know what a nut case this one is. She´s a typical common B word from the small Spanish towns, bunch of criminals around, and the law will always be on the side of the girl. So better play it smartly and subtly and not confront directly but through other means.

    1. I can laugh now when I tell people about it, but in the moment….jeezz, what a headache and i kept writing and then looking up at her and nodding and back to writing. Since she doesn´t know a word of English when she asked what I was writing I just lied. Plus I don´t think she even cared, she just wanted to give me a headache just for the sake of it. Mean women you are.

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