I´m worried…

I´m worried that the evil conservative party in the U.S won by a landslide…..I hate democracy.

I´m worried that Christians are being prosecuted and killed in Irak, Iran, you name it. Most if not all Muslim countries……but always feel free to raise hell when somebody displays the Christian symbol in some public place in the U.S. And hope the moderate Muslims never say anything against that, no no no.

I´m worried that in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and probably left some out, that women are treated as basically second class citizens and in some they are literally stoned to death…..but hope the feminist in the U.S or for that mater here in Spain just start screaming about the real important issues like the so repressive societies that they live in and how men still put them down, lets focus on the real important things, poor Oprah Winfield.

I´m worried that gays can be killed in Iran, Saudi Arabia and probably left some other, my recently diseased uncle couldn´t have gone there to see the dunes, fuck that is a freaky thought my gay uncle in some dune……..but as the Christians lets not give too much thought and the media outlets even less. Let´s stick to what Christian sadomised some poor kid and lets roll with that for eternity. And the gay activist I hope that they keep raising some hell about gay marriage. Hope they don´t focus on those unimportant things.

I´m worried that girls are now going to fight in the front lines…..so lets lower the standards to become an infantry soldier. Might have done that while I was in the Spanish army. Sure would have made me a much more efficient soldier.

I´m worried….I forgot what I was going to say.


Stay Frosty gents and gentesses


  1. To be honest..almost everything…but recently, after a conversation with my son, I cut away the point “the sun will burn out in any minute” from the worrying list.
    Great and also important post of yours. I like your view on women Charly.

    1. Me neither, I´m just pointing out some of the hypocrisy out there. I have enough with my own problems, but I hate it when people just talk and talk and do nothing or do things but doing them with their priorities all screwed up.

      You didn´t grade me today by the way. Didn´t you see my cool comment after reading your post Mr.Wordsworth was there!

  2. I like your raising awareness about hypocrisy – and just a side not about gay marriage here int he States – well it almost legal in every state now – and I think the higher courts realized that it was completely unconstitutional to stop them from marrying…. and it is discrimination and well, just wanted to share that.

    1. Yes, I keep track on the political and social events happening in the other side of the lake. My uncle was gay as I said, and this was during the era of Franco, our cool Spanish dictator that stayed in power after he won the civil war in 1936 up until 1973. So you can imagine what it was for this man. Gay people there have it easy compared to here. But I´m glad they can marry, well, glad….I really don´t care who marries who, not my business.

    1. We can form our own political party then….
      But is true, I see a lot of people focusing their priorities completely in the wrong direction, not realising what they have compared to other countries. Like the feminist lobby and gay lobby, they are called a lobby for some reason. This people get paid more than I will ever see in my life, and yes they do good things but mostly I think they just have to pick a fight just for their own fun and also that keeps the money flowing into their lobby groups. Too much political correctness and hipocrasy so I figured I might as well write something satirical to that effect.

      1. You’re absolutely correct. It’s a shame how human nature makes things work out in this way. I know it’s nothing new (that it’s been like this for centuries) but it still makes me feel cynical and bitter sometimes… Okay, now I’ll try to think positively 🙂

  3. Politics is pure bullshit. Politicians play both sides and screw the people. The power player$ pull all the strings and hoard all the money while screwing up the planet. It has been this way since the beginning of civilization, but things are changing. Keep the faith.

      1. I did – was catching up with you & few others tonight – though I am supposed to be writing. Having a conflict there at this moment – not writers block either, just a conflict. I’ll work it out 🙂

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