Math meaning(poem)

ONE, I can count
TWO, I can shout
THREE, What´s that on that tree?
FOUR, I think my dog just peed
FIVE, I have a life
SIX, I have no wife
SEVEN, Hope there is a heaven
EIGHT, So much for that raven
NINE, can´t rhyme more….
TEN, by by…..the meaning of math is much more.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses


  1. Lay a little egg for me. Eleven is four more than seven.
    Nine is as wicked as moon shine.
    Seven is just a little fat lemon
    Five free falls in a sky dive
    Three bleeds for me
    One isn’t there anymore, it’s gone.

    1. How am I suppose to respond to that after a whole day of scratching my head trying to write a novel Henry? I´m mentally exhausted your going to make me go and see a shrink and then after that shrink sees me he will have to go and see another shrink for his sake, and so and so forth so you´re going to destroy the great Spanish civilisation all by your own. One man, the Goliath of Britain!

      1. I don’t (destroy the human race)
        I do (want a bottle of scotch)
        I have gas today. Dirty takeaway last night.

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