Armageddon (poem)

Skies Tumbling
We go Rumbling
you , me, we can see
the blue sea turned to read sea
but I´m just chillin
pain and gain
writing to slain
slaine,main; me
gain playing
just saying as the crow flies
having no eyes
your reading…..
but just chillin

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses


    1. exactly it´s confussing because it´s an armageddon type of poem, which basically means it´s going to hell, autodestruction type of style of writing of the poem in itself….makes sense?

  1. For me this poem is like a battle in the middle of a stormy night. With blood, waves and fighting sailors and a stormy sea all around, like a symphony, and you as a writer has full control over the chaos and thepoem like a conductor has over his orchestra. Very nice.

      1. Thank you so much for your kindness!
        I have a daughter and she never gave me any trouble. I wonder, does it count like I have cheated on my battle test ? 🙂

      1. My writing is perceive as the new “form”, that´s the terminology the webster dictionary guys and the people from the pullitzer have told me.

        Come on, the guy wearing girls clothing…..actually I might myself look good in a miniskirt showing my hairy legs. Plus it would be easier for massages. Thank´s for the idea.

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