Nanowrimo (poem)

National novel writing month
what an ugly acronym you got
I´m just writing like a snot
writing liking headaching that´s one cool name I inventing.

Nanowrimo I´m at almost 6,000 words
but that number count is very worst
let alone the story in itself which can burst
even the web page tells me to hurry up and how much I should write now per day
what a way, getting instructions by a computer now,
how?!!! That is really when I go…wow!

Nanowrimo is of help to me
although now I just wrote less than one thousand in an hour
how is that possible since I´m the Shakespeare of this tower….
the tower of writing, everything that i write I think is great
even the dogs nod and tell me that, yet again they maybe throwing me a bait

Anyways, just keep writing bitching and fighting and absolutely no rewriting.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses



  1. Such a great attitude you have. I like that you allow someone to help you (the wordcounter..:-)
    Even if you’re the king in your tower and castle. There is nothing more sympatic and attractive than a king who admits that he also needs a hand.
    Keep up the speed and run with your flow. You get there!

    1. It´s quite amusing really the nanowrimo, I like it. I hear other writers making fun of it, but to me a very novice writer that I am, keeps me focused, with my first time having a specific goal I have put, a timeline as it´s called in writing parlance and is the first time both writing a novella and putting a timeline.

      1. yeah, well you know what I hav no idea what his means ^.^ learn to speak English and then we can continue our relationship and no, I told you no, we can not go to second base yet. I´m pitching.

  2. 🙂 Yeah, that damn word counter stresses me out – just reminds me that I am behind!! I should be at 25,000 but only 2/3 of the way . . . I’ll “just keep writing bitching and fighting and absolutely no rewriting” and see where I end up at the end of the month! If nothing else, I’ll have a hell of a start! Making fun of it, huh – well, at the end, you may not end up with a true novel, but you can come away with all kinds of other starts, storylines, ideas etc. NO WRITING IS EVER WASTED WRITING!! 😉 (said some writer I’m sure, some where . . . )
    Keep up the good work . . . maybe share a little??

    1. I agree with you completely that no writing is wasting writing, maybe if I do 30 words in the end there can be another story from some chapter or get some character and put him in another story, e.t.c. who knows. I´ll just keep going at my pace and the time I have to write it. Which is really what´s getting me down since I have other projects I like to complete.

      If I´m correct that weird word count, which I´m about to punch by the way, you should be at 30,000 so you´re 5,000 short. Not bad.

  3. Nano is a great source and inspiration for writing, and your poems are something too.
    Stay frosty and happy… and with a hot cup of coffee, tea, or whatever you prefer to drink.

    1. haha, thank´s vicotor. I´ll stick with tea, but you are absolutely correct or at least for me it works this nanowrimo thing, it has finally forced me to sit down and type type and type, and being that this is my first real attempt at a novel, while I´m reading how to write novels….that´s something. Anyways it´s just great to see how the first outline I had is constantly changing as the character sort of take a life of their own in my own mind. Quite interesting. Just finished right now after spending almost two hours writing the novella. And I find that sometimes is hard and the minutes pass very slowly other times it flows more. But that´s nothing new to you. Anyways, appreciate the encouragement.

      1. Great experience….
        Those Nanoes make me write like never before… refresh the creativity, and just help to collect and spit out ideas, characters, and stories.

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