Alert! Solution for global warming.

So here´s the deal, global warming is here! That´s what the “experts” say. So if it´s that way it is that way being man made they say the “experts”. So I actually didn´t scratch my head too much to find a solution to a problem that is caused by man. Why do they discriminate that way by the way? The feminist should be outraged, know you always have to say in a sentence if “him or her did ….” Before it was just “him” but now is politcally incorrect. Actually now a days there is always some one somewhere that is scratching their brains as to how “improve” society when in my opinion having a PHD. In both psychology and Sociology the politcal correctness what it really does is shut down other opinions and living no room for debate. But that´s another rant I will have to express in more detail because I need to get that anger out of me.

As or right now, I´m hung over from last nigh, woke up early to write the nanowrimo thing which the female character is driving me nuts by the way, and I don´t know why my head just jumped to global warming so here is the solution to solving global warming, you ready?….hit it!

If  you want more available clean water per capita, you need fewer people on earth. If you want to decrease vehicle emissions, you need fewer drivers. If you want the oceans to replenish their fish, you need fewer people eating fish.

Solution: Grab all the criminals, (I´m excluded though), the extreme Muslim terrorist, people that you don´t like( each to his own on that one, I´ll grab the nut job of my crazy ex “girlfriend”more a whore really) we send them into space to a asteroid, hell if Roseta has gotten into space by the Europeans I figured NASA should and can do a better job at transporting, let´s say 4 Billion of the earth population, which would leave us exactly with 4 billion left, up and down a bit. And then put a nuclear bomb on the comet and blow the hell out of it.

There you go. Problems solved. A bit dramatic maybe, but in dire circumstances since according to the hardcore global warming people we humans are going to kill ourselves anyways in a couple of decades, it´s not such a far fetch solution. Sometimes the only course of action is the lesser of two evils.

Join me in this endeavour, I´ve already recluted my dog, I´m just sending him up there specially for the Terrorist just to annoy them on the travel before the nuclear bomb kills the 4 billion people out there.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses, I´m going back to sleep see if the hangover passes and later try to find a solution now that I have saved the globe and humanity, now, well after I get a couple of hours of sleep and my head is not hurting I´m going to find the solution as to where the female protagonist is going. What a pain she is. I´m even starting to hate her.



  1. Brilliant! To be provokative but honest…I never liked the “turn the other cheek” thing and I never liked that I pay high tax of my salary to pay for treatmentprogram for sex abusers or killets. You can’t change them and my solution is, put them in for good.
    In Norway.. the mass murderer who kille 77 young innoscent people.. now is a pain in the ass for the prison staff, he claims this snd that right, manipulstes and writes thousands of letters the staff have to read…in my opinion? Take away the pen.
    This was not about the global warning…
    by the way..i hope the hangoverthing is just “good writing”…damn you if it’s not,

  2. LOL, it’s perfect. We’ll just fix the world by getting rid of the people in it. Problem solved! By the way, I could use some global warming in this neck of the woods, so if people could blow some hot air my way, that would be awesome.

    1. Well there wouldn´t be too many people around to blow a lot of air, chilly chilly like here then? I decided to take my sisters blow drier and put it up right next to me. Yet again, electricity is running and that´s bad for the environment…….

  3. I work around a lot of people who are trying to fight global warming. They are often accused of “having foot long solutions to a mile wide problem”. I’ll certainly give you credit for finding a mile wide solution.

    1. I´m just a great mind, what can I do.

      Although, if we get serious, over the course of humanity there has been numerous global changes. I will agree that humans do have a share of responsibility for these changes, yet again there is scientific evidence that the dinosaurs and later during the ice age, seems to me humans where not running around polluting the environment unless you consider the cromagnon guy who discovered fire so he wouldn´t freeze to death the starter of global warming. So yes, humans have evolved and the earth sometimes suffers, but it has been with humans and without humans. Did you know that cows actually are greater polluters than cars?
      Here is the link if you want to check it out

      And this is the U.N speaking which seems that people consider this body of governance the top body and the body which is perfect. But that´s not here or there.

      Point being, is that global warming or global changes are going to occur during human life here on earth, and humans are not the cause, they can contribute but are not the cause. We can all go in bicycles to work, or just row our way over the Atlantic instead of using a plane. But that is highly unlikely I think.

      What humans have been great at doing with as they have evolved and learned, is that they have made “global worming” a big big business industry that brings in millions of dollars. The new hybrid cars, solar panels, those mills that provide electricity which by they way all these things are made of certain elements, like the mills for example is not that the wind makes them move it´s the turbines that makes them operate and that in itself also contributes to some part of destruction of the planet. Then you got the politicians, and all the lobby groups, Al gore, the left has got the “global warming” in their pocket as the signature thing, the hip thing since it´s always nice to the ear of the little man to hear, yes we don´t want to destroy our planet, we are planet conscious, thereby we are the good guys. So politically speaking the so called global warming is an incredible business deal for them, since they have a job they get to keep a job because their job depends on humans voting for them and if you convince humans, which is not very difficult, that all this is happening solely because of us, the humans, they get to keep their job.

      That was too long of a comment. Sorry to bore you.

  4. Well you are right. That is a great solution hangover or not. I would only change the part of bombing the comet they landed on, it would be much better letting the freaks and ex’s get under each other’s skin. Spare your doggy please 😉

    1. Maryan! That is the best comment I heard in quite some time, why didn´t I think of that? Just let themselves drive nuts and autodistruct…..good 🙂 This made me smile here in Spain early in the morning.

  5. Something has to be done… So…

    I absolutely dislike any political correctness. It is the ugliest way to rob people from their freedom telling them what to speak and what to think. Real life is slowly getting replaced with artificial mathematical and social models planted in our brain.:(

    1. Very true, and guess what…. For this comment I do have a clever thing to say, let me relish a moment in that….. 🙂 now.

      It is a very clever design that has been thought off by very clever people over years and years, and have come up with this design model, a model to have the population dependen´t on those who design it. Make the population be dependent on you, think you are the solution to their problems or they themselves create the problems subtly so and tell the population they can fix them, without the majority of the population realising those people have actually created the problem, and that is the an ancient trick that if you know someone involved in politics, and me being from Spain a very socialist country, you realise it´s a very clever manufactured technique that has been polished over the years by exactly those people, the socialist.

      Didn´t want to get too political, but I just couldn´t resist it.

      1. You said it. It is scary, but it is true. Also it scares me that so many people don’t realize the fact that they are manipulated, played games with, abused and valued less than dirt.

  6. Very thought-provoking post! And what do you mean, you’re starting to hate your female protagonist? That may be a good thing . . . 🙂 A perfect example of how a story can take on a life of its own! Keep writing Mr. Priest!!

    1. She sometimes gets a bit boring, having much more fun writing the male protagonist, go figure, but is quite a process this writing thing. And find it very enjoyable and other times frustrating, it´s almost having a relationship with these characters. I even walk around the house constantly talking about them as if they where actually alive! I am nuts, now people around me think I have really gone to “the dark side”, or some side……

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