You reding it
with no name
on it
writing this shit on a wrong paper….veiw?i

Guess my anger is my issue
have to vent but no tissue
have to let loose
like a goose
fuck you!

just another fight
because I´m drunk and right

writing looks like my escape
before I really punch someone in that believe cape

I´m d0ne with this thing, writing is called…………
I guess it has to be my call.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses


  1. There is only one of you Charly, and that is you. Keep your fire burning and your brilliant mind spinning. Love ya.

  2. When you have time, read my spanish poem in my last blogpost. I wrote it to you –
    and check the have to learn to play guitar now!

    Have a nice evening

      1. No hurry, when you get to my blog, the post is called “i took a nap and woke up being spanish”… it’s written in stone, so it won’t go away.
        Hope the rest of the week gets better./ Lotta

      2. I can’t help but wondering what “I had worse” week you’re comparing too…. I hope not the one you got shot…glad you’re back.

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