What´s with the Thanksgiving fuzz?

What was that all about? First you have the president of the U.S putting on a Turkey on a table and pardon it. Come on, you´re going to eat your turkey later on, and why would that turkey want to be pardoned, maybe she wants to be eaten. Maybe she´s a solidary turkey that knows a lot of her fellow creatures are going to be eaten and the rest that are alive are going to look at her as in saying “why do you have the privilage first, to go to the White House and second to be pardoned?” She´s going to be frowned upon my the rest of her species so in my mind the White House does a disservice to the turkey world. And  PETA should be outrage by this act of cruelty.

Another thing, thank who exactly? First it´s a turkey which just on the outside it taste bad that´s why they stuff them! Who eats a turkey that is not stuff…nobody. My point is that you have to pay a bunch of dough for the turkey, the stuffing, for what? Forgot, and the silverware that you just take out once a year to look good in front of a bunch of family and friends most of whom or at least some you really don´t like and say Thank You, you kidding me. The long lost uncle will come by, the second cousin that you hate will probably be there and you all eat in the same table once a year acting as you like each other, so I don´t see the Thank you part of it although maybe the Giving part it is there.

Just a rambling thought.

Happy thanksgiving, not kidding…i think.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Have no turkey dinner, but would love to have one if my family sat together with me. No such luck. Grateful nevertheless. Grateful every day for something particular, and in general too:)

    1. No such luck in my side either, but as the old saying by my grandma went “some family members are better far far in some jar” I may have modified it a little though, but there is other people that give a lot like good friends, so that blood thing that just because they are family it´s nice…well is not the way I was raised nor how we live our life´s. So in my case I´m grateful that I have just two people around me today and that care for me, that´s enough, forgot and the damn dogs too.

      1. i am . lol…it depends on where i am…if i am at a hotel next to golden corral,in orlando i eat 50 vegetables & cake…at someone’s house- whatever i’m not allergic too.. if i’m cooking , i always make cornbread dressing , squash casserole , green vegetables, brisket & turkey for everyone else… if i’m at the beach – chinese food..

      2. Then I´m in! You kidding, you gotta invite me to your house if I got all that food over there, a bit of everything which is good. See? I would be the annoying “friend” that shows up and everybody is Thanking….you got to see my logic on this post.

      3. okay i always make enough for 20 people they say.. i just moved here 2 weeks ago & it’s furnished & i am trying to give all the beds away & make room for the movers.i made eggplant parmesan for 8 & i am just one, last week…but when i tried to make pumpkin pie & nearly killed myself , with the can opener.they are worthless…30 minutes.. i wish i had ordered chinese, but i eat that almost every day. lol
        i see your logic.

  2. Actually I never stuff my turkey, the stuffing would be filled with way too much grease…I also butter it with spices and it IS actually great. Our Canadian Thanksgiving was last month and my kids always insist I bake the turkey, they love my dressing I cook separately (my grandmother’s recipe) and candied yams (sweet potatoes)

    1. Come on, did you really have to dismantle my great theory……plus I´m sure your turkey is different anyways.
      And whathat are Canadians doing Thanksgiving, you stole it from the Americans then.

      But you did give me this though, you give a lot to your kids, so the part of Thank´s is not valid but the part of Giving is extremely Valid.

      1. We stole nothing from the US…you need to check our history better being still part of the Commonwealth…you know, jolly old England…we do still have the Queen on our currency.

  3. I just loved this post :-)..I loved the appereance of the second cousin and everything people do, to look good and when family are gathered just because of tradition – not because of friendship or love. I guess there are many disappointed reunions tonight. But also of course many happy reunions.
    We don’t celebrate Thanks giving in Sweden, we don’t eat turkeys…..But it’s a good evening for me here anyhow, both of my boys are home, we’re looking at video games and are just about to “Fight Club”. So I have my loved ones around..

    ..by the way, you don’t have two people and two dogs caring about you tonight, you have three, I care about you ..then we are three!

      1. It was sarcastic for you, still very realistic for me.
        During Christmas when my I was a child, my father, mother and cousins travelled to the big reunions…my latvian grandma, who was a woman who scared everybody – no one dared to say no to her..and during the dinner…..everybody tried to please everybody and I escaped the tension by going out to the barn to spend time with the cows and sheeps instead and my lovely grandpa (who was a neuro surgeon) escaped to the cellar to make more honey…from his bees….that why I liked your post…sarcastic or not….I could relate to it 🙂

  4. I enjoyed this post very much 🙂
    We don’t have Thanksgiving holiday here in Japan, so it’s very interesting to me.
    As always, thank you for sharing!
    Best wishes,

    1. I´m from Spain, we don´t celebrate Thanksgiving, I just remember from way back when I lived in the U.S.
      The post was basically mirroring an American comedian I saw the other day who was just doing that….talking absurdly. So since one of my many expertise is to make the rational absurd and the absurd try to make it rational, that´s why I ran with that rambling based on the comedian that I found quite funny how the guy said it.

      I actually loved having Thanksgiving there in the U.S, I always had it in some friend house since my parents where back here in Spain, and it was truly some great experience to see all the family and friends sitting on a table. I remember that for me it was amazing to see how many people can actually sit on a table and eat so much which I was delighted ofcourse.

      This was just a satirical piece, do remember the blog is called crazy life 😉 So sometimes I mix the poetry with some of my nutty of the charts rambles.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving 🙂 The turkey with President photo on the newspaper had me confused too…never had a turkey either, so confused about the meat too 😀

    1. Well you got to give it to the White House, they did find a gorgeous white turkey to show off. Did you see that thing?!! Come on it was so beautiful that turkey that I myself would have pardoned it and probably gave the turkey a house all for herself.

      1. We don’t usually see them here – it is only one of the very few turkeys I have seen outside the movies, but yes it was beautiful 😀 You got a point there 😀

  6. Great stuff!! I am smiling ear to ear and so happy that it’s only my husband and pets at the table, well, would’ve liked the kids and their families, but they live all over the continent – Skype is a fun solution! Hope your day was great!! 😀

  7. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. With so much going on in the world, there is alot to be said for having loved ones — even the ones we might not be so partial to — sit around a table, share a meal, and give thanks to the Man Upstairs. I did catch a TV show called, “When Turkeys Attack!” Hysterical. Liked your poem, too. :0)

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