1. no,no, now don´t make me feel bad. O.k then,
        Here I go
        with my flow
        saw the white snow
        so I screwed a hoe

        Holy…sorry for that last sentence it just came out of my head without thinking

      2. you could have deleted it – censorship is alive and well right?
        Just pulling the piss… I don’t hiss
        Only kiss this and this
        Then I miss – so don’t dis
        My crisis, it is bliss

        Yay!! See?! SEE! – FUN all the way 😛

      3. Now you´re making me feel bad again, would you stop it. Plus I don´t know how to put freaky yellow faces with their mouth turned downward. Put a smiley, I like those ones better, still freaky but not so much.

      4. Oddly that is a regular occurrence on wordpress…both. Mostly it is presumed that I am male…but males REALLY do not do cutesy shit > XD ❤ O_o …. 😈

      5. Those are some strange symbols I´m seeing….. but I too know this one, only know three, and this one was taught to me by a…..you guessed it a woman ❤ . I give you my heart 😉

      6. Good day to you Sir! The sun is up here and there is frost all around on the ground, the trees, the roads – really pretty. – and you made me smile 🙂

      7. Good morning madam, good to wake up smiling, by the way when you say “up here”, where in the world are you?
        Up here in Spain is cloudy a depressing day, and cold as hell, even hell has frozen here in Spain. Although I might have something to do with that fact……

      8. lol! I should have punctuated better – ‘the sun is up, here’ – ‘here’ being UK (Wales to be precise-ish)
        Spain ey? Thought you were in the states.
        Shit dang! I thought I was safe with oceans between us 😉
        Cold – but clear skies…makes it a BIT better right. Being South African – I despise the cold dear…
        …keep up the good work freezing hell – there is enough hell in this life mate. 😉

      9. it is cos I smiled…. 😉
        ACTUALLY – it is not – but I will still take the credit.. it is because the universe KNEW that if I had to contend with one more god damned miserable ass day of weather in a row here…
        And dammit – the world needs my smile.
        I PROMISE the world revolves around me.
        Yes , this one you HAVE to read a bit of sarc into – lol! 😉
        Hope it clears a bit for you Charly Priest Sir.

      10. Read the sarc in between the lines. Ever wondered why they say “read between the lines”? and why the don´t they just say, “I´m saying this but what it sounds actually has another meaning to it” That would clarify things more,make the world easier…..and more boring.

        But ever wonder that? That´s what I wonder, so go figure my imagination, can probably write a whole story around that simple and stupid question.

        Well, you might as well swim the pond, get here to Spain, give a big smile to the land of the wild bulls and…. give me some sun!

      11. Yes – it would make it more boring…
        I hate boring…but occasionally – I like to have clear understanding… when facial expressions are not present, until such a time as the reader can SEE the facial expression in the words due to understanding the person speaking them. I am not big on mystery (been there done that far too much) and I am TERRIBLY impatient when it comes to reaching common ground in the knowledge of where similarities lay – I am a sucker for mind games – but I also – get tired of them fairly quickly and seek rather to sustain – understanding and – simply put compassion and love and nurture of mutual edification.
        HOWEVER – I am often found wanting and bored shitless at the predictability of the human species nature. Write a story? Do it – the more the merrier 😉

      12. Then I´ll probably bore you to death, I´m quite predictable…..sometimes.

        Come on, you´re a woman you never get tired of mind games. It´s just not in your nature. That is something predictable for sure.

      13. … did I not tell you I get mistaken for a man mostly…
        I am up and down with mind games. I want desperately… then I don’t… now THAT is the woman on me 😉 It is like phases right? Play a little – get a little serious – play a little more.. amusement – then – reality.

        You are not predictable – or boring – or I probably would not be talking to you.

      14. So you name yourself idiot but really not…you say writer but really maybe you´re paying someone to write the blog and you just chip in only to comment….

        You say a woman but maybe not… I´m going nuts here!

        But you do write good which is what matters most.

      15. Job done 😉 mwahahahah.
        Mother, friend, poet, artist, female – through and through. In that order. Probably why the female part gets a bit left out. 😉
        The idiot part? Are we not ALL idiots in varying degrees in one way or another? The day we believe we are not – is when we stop learning and seeing the truth of ourselves as fucked up human beings. (and beautiful and diverse and quirky confused and ..human beings) and it is the day – life becomes – oh SO boring.
        I think the writing is just an anchor.

      16. Mother? Can you adopt me, I´m just 32.

        So very true what you said about being idiots, we should and must continue learning in life, growing as humans, hell I started back to writing after a 10 year hiatus and found a whole new and exciting world. And a world yet to be explored much much more in depth. And probably at the end of our life´s, we will still not have the answers to all the questions. If we did, yep, it would be damn boring. So idiots in different degrees….we should be. Hopefully though not too much of an idiot, but an idiot in the “good” sense of the word, indeed.

      17. Always in the good sense Charlyboy 😉
        Always a mother first – I cannot help it… it does however get a bit mixed up sometimes… I mistake my motherly care – well – for other things 😉
        PROBABLY because I detest seeming patronising… even with my 5. 12 and 17 year old. (I was an early starter K!) THEY have shown and taught me MORE then I have taught them – of that – I am certain.

      18. which is why I like you – young lad – you have wisdom laying in your bones and idiot sprawled across your essence – (remember – only ever the good one) –
        Refreshing. Humble. Funny. How it should be. 😉

      19. The spiral always turns – the seed we sow – is the seed that grows. The harvest? Really just love or hate 😉
        I should PROBABLY JUST go write some poetry – or do some housework.

      20. Probably you should because with reading too much in between the lines which sometimes we can say them and really have no sense in between I´m about to jump out the window! Or punch my dog which is right next to me lying down and farting, I´ll go grab the gas mask now while you do the kitchen…..

      21. Go have a beer dear. I’ll do the kitchen K?
        Just humour Charly. PULL yourself together young man and attach that priesty collar back in place…over you nose to vanquish the dog poops. (do NOT punch said mut)

      22. In candid splendour no doubt – all good with frisky whiskey. (you MAY use that phrase)
        I am departing Sir.
        Cool chatting, but all good things must, alas, end

    1. Thank you very much. Best, smart and attractive you said? o.k let me repeat that in my head again it sounds very good…….now just repeated again. Ofcourse, It´s just like the person who wrote it!

      1. …..And now I’m going to repeat THAT the whole evening, again and again..because that was so nice of you.
        Love you

      2. Ha,ha..I must visit a terapeut..I really thought you meant me..so incredible narcisstic of me..Why I thought that?
        1. You’re kind

        2. Because for me it’s so obvious that you already knew that you are best ,smart and attractive….

        I need more yoga! I’m out of rescue :p

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