This is for you feminist!

Ha! The beauty of having a yahoo account. Yes, I´ve been to that country and not as in a vacation, although you did get a cool tan though. I never cared about the politics of it , I did my job which at a younger age I wanted to do that kind of job. We did our job at quite an expense of human life and that´s it. Key word here is DID. We build schools,(not we per se) for the first time little girls went to school after we got there and after quite a bit of violence to get the nutjobs out of the area(in this case this would be we per se) in order to build the schools and for in this case women having more freedom.

So Feminist, stop bitching in the comforts of your own democracy which is sustained by usually young people who did my old job, bitching about little things if you look at the big picture. And believe me I saw the big picture and is not a pretty one. You have it quite nice compared to women in other countries believe me. So whatever happens to that country I don´t care anymore.

But there´s a hottie walking freely down the road! And too gutsy if you ask me. But there you go. The title of the article which will take you 3 seconds to read (the article)says it all. So I actually contributed my little grain of salt for women, at least one, being able to feel nice and comfortable and feel a bit more free to show off her body. That was neat, with my little grain of salt now instead of not seeing women there since they all wore Burkas, now  I might as well re join my old unit just for the fun of seeing hot Afghan woman.

This was great news yahoo news. Now why don´t you feminist go and protest over the right of women over there? Or do you need people in my old profession, to escort you with a rifle? Stop your bitching and keep your priorities straight!–stirring-outrage-and-curiosity-142545200.html


    1. Your sailors mouth is excused, I can´t say it since I´m a guy but it just pisses me to no end the bitching about how bad man are treating them and how they feel like a second class citizen…comon you kidding me? Women over there get stoned to death for just taking off the burka. And what most pisses me off is their hypocrisy of always fighting for some stupid “cause” as I said in the safety of a democracy instead of fighting for the real tragedies women suffer in those type of countries. If they would actually do that and then bitch back at home all they wanted I might disagree with them but I would respect them.

      1. Hey – I’ve always said about this type of creature:
        She’s a bitter bitch with a stinky p*ssy and unresolved Daddy Issues…if you stand close enough to her meaningless Dolphin tattoo, you can actually hear it.
        (((((_))))) HUGS, Stud! I SALUTE YOU.

  1. Hahahaha – that was a fun one… and – explains the ‘Hoe’ line that JUST popped out your head.
    Let the rhythm and rhyme continue unhindered 😉
    Have an awesome weekend Mr Priest

    1. the hoe thing was in the comment of the other post the one of my so called poem, come on…didn´t popped out from here. Don´t be mean…..
      You too have a great weekend.

      1. Gees dude…. I am really not trying to wind you up or be mean – or make you feel bad –
        I just agree with what you have written here.
        Sorry if it is coming across that way Charly.
        I think you are reading facetiousness and sarc into my comments maybe. Please don’t.

      2. I´m not, it´s just hard sometimes to express yourself through writing. You wouldn´t get that expression if you would actually see my precious face 😉

      3. 😀 – it is hard to read intonation. I normally err on reading humour into words… but occasionally.. I get a bit stuck and paranoid – I despise the idea of hurting feelings or – er…ego 😉 Thanks Charly Priest Sir

  2. Women in this country who are the ones who are being bitches don’t even know their head from their bottom. I am a woman who has been through a lot, and who has worked darn hard for the Life I do now have. I also take a good long look to see how women in this world are treated which makes me shudder. Isn’t it time everyone just learned to accept the other and stop with all this horrible negativity? Really!

    1. I just think some people should keep their priorities straight. And I hate those hypocrites by the way, all hypocrites actually. Either you do what you say you want to do, or just shut up.

      1. I agree. Walk your Talk. There is nothing worse then cheap words flying all over the place, yet those same people do not follow up in right action related to the “pompous” words. My teeth go on edge when it comes to hypocrites. Yet I do muster a way to see WHY they are acting like this so that I don’t get upset or angry. Not easy, believe me.

      2. It´s a matter of moral toughness if you will. I may not agree with them as a whole,they have done a great job for women in this past century but it´s the 21 st century now, some things become obsolete, so to me it´s just another big lobby racking in lots of millions and obviously they do need to have some “cause” in order to keep the money flowing. So I don´t respect shit of what they stand for, go to those countries where women are stoned to death and stand up for them over there where women really need help, at a risk for the feminist obviously. But if they did that, then I would even agree with them and respect them.

      1. Sorry, 🙂 I’m at work was serving a customer so I mistakenly typed ‘greet’ instead of: ‘meet’ Are you having a good day ?

      2. Having a great day myself, just spending time at home this morning in wordpress and after lunch work on some short stories to send so they can get rejected.

        Working Saturdays then?

      3. Unfortunately this week,yes. I don’t like working on the Sabbath and avoid it as much as possible.

  3. There is alot of truth to this. But I was one of the women who worked hard for equality. When I first decided to become a lawyer — about 100 years ago — there were only 3% women in the profession. Now the number is around 51%. What drives me crazy are the young women who take that progress for granted, choosing instead to trade on their sexuality. We might as well turn the clock back. (Didn’t mean to take that out on you. Your poem just touched a nerve.)

    1. If you read one of my comments to another person, I completely agree with you. The feminist movement was necessary at it´s time, and I believe now in the year 2014 woman are pretty much the same, as of right now the statistics show that there are more women in the workforce than men. I see this new wave of feminist, just a huge lobby which obviously has to have some cause,as stupid it may be to get the money flowing and politicians are also in the mix.
      Feminism at it´s time, was necessary, and maybe still it is necessary in some areas, but overall I think woman are equal(which is a term I don´t like, there´s not even equality amongst man-man and woman-woman), you are valued for your work. Obviously there will me a minority of man that are idiots. But in general you gals are in quite a position of control and that for me is neither good nor bad, for me what counts is that a person can perform his or her job good be it man or woman. I had most of my life women as my bosses in all my jobs. And didn´t even give it a second thought, they where tough though as they should be.

      So as I said, I think now it has become just a lobby for money and not for causes.

      And I can´t argue with you….. you´re a lawyer!

      Appreciate the comment.

    1. I don´t see it that way, I´m actually quite respectful of them. I may go on and on about how the feminist movement did good in it´s day for women´s right´s. But we are in the year 2014, by statistics there are now more women in the workforce in the U.S and when you look at the big picture like countries I just named the one I had been at a younger age where they literally stoned women for getting an education or if they take off the burka they´d probably use small rocks to stone her to death in order to prolong their suffering. And like that country there is India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and probably left out some out.

      But I found it ironic that as I was getting into my yahoo account I saw that news of a woman without the burka or veil and showing off her legs. Which is unthinkable over there, and since I have been over there not initially for their rights but by default because of us being there they ended building schools for little girls, which before they couldn´t go to school because of cool taliban, and women did get more freedom. That is at an expense of 3 of my guys, and me having a cool little 14 stitches flesh wound.

      So pisses me off that this feminist, in the year 2014 are bitching about trivial things, and really they are a lobby, a lobby with a whole bunch of dough. And in order for the dough to keep coming in they need some “cause” to fight for, they make 25% less than man( I can argue that one too but this is becoming a whole novel) so up they go to the politicians giving them more dough also, in order to fight that cause. It´s pure money related and politics related. It´s a lobby.

      So my point is quite clear I think I made in the post, stop bitching around about trivial things of women, since you do it in the comforts of your own democracy where the system you are against(men bringing them down) is the same system that gives you the opportunity to protest and be a lobby. Why don´t you put on a pair of balls and go to those countries which I have named and protest there or help women there because in those countries women REALLY need help to be free. Not your little stupid causes in your own democracy. Compare me getting stone to death for going to school with some ass hole in the workforce that insults you and degrades you because you say you are a woman. Hell it´s even worst in the a competitive workforce between guys and guys and if not worst is the same.

      So for me they are a bunch of hypocrites, they did good at their time, the last century, now is bullshit for the most part. I have done more for women in another country than these idiots will ever do, and I hate throwing roses at me and us(my guys) but it just gets me quite fired up and seems the delete button doesn´t work in these instances.

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