a tale (poem)

Listen closely to this tale
that I´m about to tell
since i´m a visionary
and that should be kind of scary

Now, let´s unveil this tale….

It is one tough act to follow
and even tougher to make them swallow

When they say you can´t win, the house of cards
are staked against you and about to fall on you with the wind
wind of injustice it just is, life is,
not fair so deal with this…….

Staying true to yourself and saying what is the truth
which most likely than not will work against you
but that should not scare you…….

Stay true to oneself and, whatever the outcome, inside you,
you will know and be at peace and hold on to that rock solid shelf

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Can´t compromise certain principles, if you do then I have to leave with being guilty of something I´m not, and even if the outcome goes that way at least inside I know I did the right thing not only in the moment but after the moment and fought for was the right thing, for the truth.

      No compromising there, even when they tell you to do so because it will be better for you, just can´t do that, I´m the one that has to live with myself. So I prefer to be found guilty of something I have not done and fight it to the end than compromise and say I have done it in order to walk away scott free willy nily. No way.

  1. What can I say? – All our lives are a poetry –
    It is the only way – truth and justice even in injustice…especially in injustice – our truth is paramount.
    Enjoying my visits here 🙂

      1. You can call it that. The poetry stylist bunch may not be able to slot it into a special TYPE of poetry(sonnet or haiku or blah blah – cant even name them there are too many) – who cares?
        If it is from the heart – it is poetry!

    1. It´s the truth, and if it´s in your side the truth, you better fight for it even if the easier route is to say you did something you didn´t in exchange for a for that an easy way out.

      At the end of the day, it is me who will look in the mirror and live with myself, I´m more comfortable fighting for the truth than saying a bunch of BS so I can run free williy nilly, just can´t do, is not inside me.

  2. once again, nice poem man. the off brand intelligence of your poetry speaks volumes. If you don’t mind I want to feature this in the poetry corner this week. nice job!

  3. Reblogged this on kgbethlehem and commented:
    Welcome everyone to another one of the poetry corners. Friday Night Poetry Corner # 54. This fantastic poet “charlypriest” has an amazing off beat brilliance to his words. The poem is called “A Tale.” Enjoy and visit his blog when you have the time.

    Or just make the time, take care and enjoy the holiday season. Oh, to my fellow Jews/Hebrews; Happy Hanukkah!

  4. I really liked this & congrats on the feature/reblog on Friday Night Poetry Corner – well deserved, my friend! You do have an “off brand intelligence” & “amazing off beat brilliance to [your] words” – love that description!!
    Way to write, Mr. Priest!! Keep up the excellent work!

    1. Did they really reblogged me? Have to go back and check.

      I think that listening to certain type of music is getting into my own writing, kind of weird and magical at the same time.

      I did like a lot the quotes you said “off brand intelligence”…that´s priceless Sadie, going to borrow that one.

      1. I took the quotes from the person who reblogged you 🙂 I liked the way they described your writing! Music can definitely set the mood/tone for many many things!

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