Just some rational thoughts….

– Why “Eureka”? Who was that dude that they say fell in the bathtub had that moment of inspiration said the word Eureka and now that word is famous. Why, I ask myself. And how do we really know that story is true, it could be a lie, like the one that the Americans landed on the moon, how do we know that? They could have landed on mars and said it was the moon and now we are actually really trying to land on the moon but saying it´s mars,  it can be a deceiving technique from the CIA all that thing. But coming back to “Eureka” is that really true? And why did he get that credit for inventing such a weird word. I too should be given credit for my phrase that I have coined when I start to follow a new blog I say “I´m going to do my cool stalker moves”, and people actually don´t run away or call 911. I should be the one being credited for that. Not the Eureka dude or maybe it was a dudess who knows…….

– Why in the world do we over use the name Jesus Christ, poor man, he already had enough, he gave it all for us. And we what do we do in return? Well, if we see something amazing we say “Jesus Christ you saw that?!!!” or just ” Jeeesus” stringing out the e. We get pissed off and say ” Jesus Christ why did you….!!!” Come on, we are driving the poor man nuts and over using his name in situations that are not meant for him.

-What´s up with the thumbs up and the middle finger? Who invented or put in to our minds that if you put your thumb up it meant you´re good or that you´re good and also ready to go. And who said that sticking your middle finger means F you. It could have very well turned up the other way around, plus they are just fingers. Who gives a crap what posture they are at?

Just some of my rational thinking
that is twinkling and mingling
in my minding
sliding and riding
would you mind me?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Just saw it, this was right down my alley. Drinks, guns blazing, comedy.

      Plus it brought back good memories. If I remember correctly Larry the Cable guy, when I was back in the U.S it was three of them. All with making fun or self deprecating jokes about southern U.S,(ever told you I love the southern accent, very sexy in women by the way and cool in guys) and then there was this other guy that was always with a drink in his hand telling some crazy jokes of him and some experiences he had in some bars and yet the third guy who was still very funny but that one was the moderate of the three let´s say, to compensate the trio.

      Good one, had me laughing.

      1. Glad you enjoyed it!!! And yes, us southerners have a “way” with words 😉 This southern girl’s voice is also deep and a little raspy . . . very distinctive indeed . . . meaning I better be nice to people on the phone or they will remember me later 😉

      2. You love me ❤ – just admit it LOL!!!
        Seriously, I haven't been on the computer much the last 2 weeks – looking forward to catching up wirh you tomorrow!

  1. You, a stalker? NEVER! 😉
    I dunno Charles, Charly, Mr Priest Sir… we give meaning to every inane thing. Far too much symbolism around. Far too many stereotypes, just – far too many crazy thoughts about why and how.
    But hey – WTF else would we do if we did not keep busy asking weird and random questions – with a few serious ones thrown in?

    1. I just go on rambling rampages like that even around home, mostly to piss people off really or drive them insane until they say “would you just shut up with your stupid silly shit, what are you 5?”. I´m just a weirdo and stalker, which actually both combined makes it kind of cool.

      1. Ofcourse, I´m on sale any day of the week. Stick me in the garage with a roof over my head, little kitchen there, a mattress, 300$ a month for my cigarettes, food and booze and I bring the laptop. So you only give me the wifi.

        It´s pretty good deal.

  2. Some very good points with your usual mix of humour and fun. I laughed and laughed reading this. And somehow resisted until now to say those fateful words; ‘Shit-Eureek@ !

      1. cool stalker moves ! That´s the phrase I have coined, I should be the one up there instead that Eureka guy or maybe it was a gal, who knows, but it should be ME 😉

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