O, Mother (poem)

O, Mother
They say there are seven wonders in this world
I believe they didn´t realise to my surprise that they,
forgot you, the eight wonder a true light thunder.

I know the son came  out a bit wrong
Don´t worry he is changing his song

Good and more bad decisions he´s made
but, believe me he won´t trade, anymore
your happiness with other screwed up mess.

The son is doing a rewrite
With all his might

You know he can fight, but
this time doing it right
he has dialed in good direction his sights.

O, Mother
don´t bother no more
you´re son will score
will leave in the past his stupid little war

Stay Frosty gents and gentess.


      1. My dear friend, translate it for her in your beautiful language someday…when I hear just a few nice things my son or daughter say about me, I could fly. It warms a mother’s heart. You are a good person, Carlos:)

    1. Thank´s Kate, but we´re not the talk a lot “love you” saying constantly type of family. Actions speak louder than words. She knows I love her, just have to turn the screws of my head here and there to correct course sometimes.

      1. I completely understand. I have the same type of family. The poem is a wonderful expression of your love. I’ve felt a lot of love and hope in your poems lately 🙂

  1. This is so lovely. Mothers are rather nice fairly often 🙂
    Your mom would be proud if she could read these words – I am sure they would touch her heart. Actions DO make a difference…but NEVER underestimate the power of heartfelt words.
    Nice one Charly dear!!

    1. She´s actually a serial killer……but, you have to love them for who they are I guess. She scares the sh..t out of me. That´s why I wrote the poem to make amend with her, or rather so she won´t hurt me more, you know like tying me up and putting me in the basement for days on end……

  2. Just beautiful, Charly!! Mothers like to be shown, but sweet heartfelt words are great, too!! ❤
    I also really liked the flow and how you formatted this, the bold and the red…
    Great post, Mr. Priest!!

    1. Thank you, people seemed to think I was talking about my own mother, but I was actually talking in general after I read a post of a mother talking about her daughter and quite some story that was.

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