For you mom

I know you read this, quite amazing it is…
not really, you know i´m a bit silly.

You´re the only woman
that has loved this “kid”
uncoditionally ….wich that is strange for me, we do change.

No tears, no fears
you know that, doesn´t run in the family
we´re not the type of cushy cushy
you know i´m no pussy.

I could sing you a new song
but that would be stupid since you know that would be wrong.

So, heare me
do not worry.

You might be angry,
but trust me, you know me, it´s just me
and you´ll be surprised how the “kid”
in certain situations is quite wise
you know I can put that disguise
tough as nails, you know I can handle
in certain situations quite big wales.

Love you.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Lovely, but Charly Priest!! You cannot say “pussy” to your mother!!!
    How…how…how terribly funny of you!

  2. I never got close to my mom. One of the times when I finally hold her in my arms andshowed myself vulnurable…was whwn I varried the box with her ash through the cementary, looking for the place to put her down. It was me and my boys. And I cried and couldn’t wipe away my tears, because I would dropp the box if I did.
    Me and my boys put her down together and said goodbye and took the train back home.
    I’m so glad that you and your mum is this close. She seems to be an extraordinary person. Strong and caring. Like you are.
    Love/ Lotta

  3. this is fantastic cp4 – hear hear – and it is not only written in your tasty style and with your words choices, but this is the CP4 I love and know – and in my humble opinion – this is what makes a momma proud – to be a thinker, to have passion, to have a sense of what is right, to persevere and to care about her trusting you – and to put her at ease. as a mom, and as seeing my own mom with six kids – well I know that it is not about perfection – it is about persevering – keep on keeping on – and learning as we go. ❤ ❤

      1. well that’s good – and knowing your in a cast for a bit probably helps her ease as well.

        beautiful and genuine tribute CP4

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