My life

Seems some people think I constantly write about my life, the “poems” I mean. It is obviously true, but getting a text message by phone by someone in wordpress is kind of strange. Specially that “poem” I wrote about mother, or my mother or whatever it was. I actually got the idea of that from reading another post. So you want to hear my life….. might as well just say it out to see if there are some kind of scout out there to reclute me and probably sneeze me.

19 years old I was when after a fruitful but quick sting in the university I got back home….the land of the wild bulls a.k.a Spain. Did a couple of jobs and then goes the army. Army, bastards I was with and I include myself, few saints join the Spanish Legion actually quite a lot joined just to get out of pending cases, criminal cases that is. Joined up, by the way I am a hero, that is what she said. That rich girl in the bar (nothing against rich, if they are rich they are smarter than me) but she did have some kind of strange version of what it is….to be a hero? She was paying for the drinks, which is all I wanted, she kept asking questions like if I had shot somebody, and what is with that fucking fascination by this girl. But as a good hero I am, I said “ofcourse I shot, phew….waw, you can´t even imagine….” By the way I´m talking here from the Spanish perspective of their military which is quite different from the American.

I was there, with a bunch of  bastards, which I lost 3 of them, we did what soldiers do, we take lives to save lives, not much to it. So hero…here I am the hero working my tail of in a fucked up town to earn basically, so the Americans can understand it is like being a Mexican in the U.S. Low paying job with no social security involved. They pay you for the day.

So back to this person that texted me to my phone with a lot of these !!!!!!, and saying where I am and what the fuck I´m doing. She did use the F word. Well, can´t say much about what I´m doing says a hero, but I can tell you this, what do you care if I don´t even know you.

At the same time, i´m just venting for the first time. That person knows me and I know that person so really this is an apology if that makes sense. Since it took me a bit to realise that a person that does not care for you would not have asked that. 

My life…ex soldier, a women lover, working on shity jobs that are few and rear to find, and a person that it is all heart and my familly is that hat.

I´m constantly thinking of words or ryhmes, and ideas and I go nuts if I don´t write them down on some screwy piece of paper or napkin. So that is my life, I do not have much access to computers as I would like, I do not have an iphone or ipad or whatever gadgets there are, I´m a trolodite when it gets to the new era of information.

But I do know this, I love writing, just watching me do this…,  just love it.

So that is my life in case you care. By the way, this sounds like a confession or something just busting, so hopefully tomorrow I get paid and return to a freaking computer that is sound and good not like this one although is not like the one I have in my parents house is top notch but I do have more time to spend there reading quite a few of you people by the way.

Anyways, Stay Frosty gents and gentess.


  1. It’s so wonderful to read a little more about you. I really enjoy reading your ~poems. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. In out and in-between. Survival in the real world – do what we can with what we have. I dare say – you do pretty damn good with what you have access to.
    And yip – people DO ‘over-step’ sometimes and get in touch with people because they are over-whelmed with care for humanity that drives them. I suppose sometimes it is obsession with them in some fantasy or weird other aspect or just even curiosity or a need to ‘help’ in compassion…
    Determining which it is is tricky at the best of times – I tend to give folks the benefit 🙂 A lot of people have big bursting hearts for their fellow mankind.
    Sometimes they just fancy you and want to make contact – lol. I think it is seldom so shallow in these circles of the written word we use in our poetry lives with all we divulge of our hearts in rhythm with each other. We all seem to FEEL connected to each other somehow? AND THAT is GOOD –
    … now let me see – WHERE did this person find your number?! 😉 I am shitting you! I don’t have money for phone- calls 😉
    On another note – It must be REAL hard to get the thoughts typed out and do all you wish to with limited time AND do any checks of shit you have written for weird ass sentences…but you know what? WE ALL get the message and THAT is what counts so much!! We hear you Charly Priest Sir – Soldier boy ❤

    1. Did you just said the Word “brat” since if I rember correctly that was the word that was used by the the sons or daughters that had parents in the military.

      By the way, I hate officers, at least the Spanish ones

  3. Keep writing, keep speaking out that is what free speech is all about; Good Morning my friend, it is Monday and the beginning of a brand new week. Just stopped by to wish you a joyful, peaceful and blessed week as you walk into your Divine Destiny living FREE from the restraints of the world and doing the will of the Lord. Thank you for continuing to follow our ministry and bless my soul with your presence and knowing that I can come into your presence and always find refreshing words of wisdom and comfort. Enjoy your week in Jesus name…

  4. Your writing is so genuine – why I keep coming back ❤ I love reading your poems, as well! I don't assume every time you write about something that it is about you – not all my poems and none of my fiction pieces are about me. As far as rich people being smarter than you, don't count on it – that is not always the case I have found (though many are luckier!). And the girl in the bar – I am shaking my head over her insensitivity and rudeness. I know many who have been, or are, soldiers; my dad was in the Vietnam War – you don't ask people if they ever killed someone, unless maybe you know that person really well & have the kind of relationship where that might be an allowable topic. IF someone wishes to speak about those experiences that is different. AND YOU NEVER ASK A STRANGER THAT!!! What is wrong with people? I've seen you picture and if I was a young single woman in a bar and I met you, I think I could think of other things to talk about than rather you had shot or killed anyone . . . just saying! (Yeah – sorry – that part pissed me off!)

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