Keep on judging (rant!!!)

This is my rant, spilling it out after your stupid remarks
not living any marks but still feels good to let it leave the

I keep on telling you how great and proud I am of you and more praises
what do I get in return? But stupid childish little phrases.

I´m 32 baby girl I have lived quite a live that you may know about since
it´s pretty much written down in the blog but really have no idea the emotional
toll in which you get to scroll but that´s cool with me so be, my decision to live me,
i´m a survivor, i´m a fighter.

There is this saying that goes ” people that truly love you will never try to change you because
of their own insecurities” well, you are pity with your own insecurities that you try to
translate to this mate, now way is that happening would be head stomping.

In your fucked up country, yes I did say it, seems either it´s only you or the freaking culture that makes slaves out of people, well hear this, in western world is not even a near miss compared to that hiss

In my world,you are, and specially in my family, you are expected to grow and although family will be there to lend a hand,
you are expected to live your own life to strive in your own way, to be what maybe for you in your own mind,is strange but is called being INDEPENDENT, that way we might ascend it, the ladder of life and also fall from it and then get back on it, but not on the back of your parents since that makes real insecurities parasites.

So I´m sick and tired of textes and emails of you telling me how to live my life, when you have no clue about the REAL life, and even worst contact my mother, which to tell you the truth that seems to me a bit nutty bordering in harassment if it isn´t already quite steady, so get the hell out of my back and let live people as they want to live and not tell them how you want for them to live, specially coming from a girl that comes from this curl of her great mansion, I might no have a mansion but I have my own expansion, good and bad of life choices, but at least I made and make choices unlike you, boo boo, so go smoke a  cue if you got this.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. I wrote this this morning, I hang on as always, was kind of cathardic to write it down, intermingled with cool little rhymes, you do get it out of your system since if not it was my dog who would be punched…..just kidding about that last part.

    1. Truth does hurt, at least some people I´m quite the exception I just don´t care. And not trying to put anybody down but man just leave me live. Not much to ask. Is not so much they care for you is more a control thing if you ask me.

  1. Hear hear ! Never change Charly,You’re wonderful the way you are. why should we change ourselves to please others.

    1. That is for sure Amber, we can make a bit of course corrections here and there but letting others dictate your life….nope, not happening. You would be not only stupid but a wussy to let them do that.

  2. whew – go charly – say it like it is.

    and there is a line form my old favorite show (called Monk) and the dad says’ People say they are gong to change – and they try to change – but at the end of the day – you are who you are.”
    and I am not talking about improvements – but just about genuinely being who we are – at the end of the day – and in this hot post, I liked this most
    ” my decision to live me “

    1. For good and for bad, it is my decision and nobody elses to be me, I actually tried to be someone else and failed. I can course correct certain things but certainly I´m not going to live the life other people want me to live. Just not happening. You are who you are at your core, yes you can make changes here and there, make little tweaks, but at the core you are who you are and its extremely hard to change people and also foolish, and those who try to change me and tell me how to live my life just pisses me off. You can criticise me here and there but not a constant nagging, that doesn´t fly with me.

      I actually do like that line I wrote “my decision to live me”

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