Writers block?

Am I experimenting that dreadful writers block
I took a look at my clock said it was 10 a.m here
in Spain, what a pain I promise I´m not taking my
fingers out of the keyboard just typing away without
thinking too many ways, but writers block by definition
is that I can not write at least that it´s the condition
yet again right now I´m writing and at the same time
sighting, but I did spend one hour trying to write a short
story or starting a short story and nothing, puffing
away at the cigarettes with regrets since I couldn´t focus my
mind on the writing, that is strange I might be winding with
my minding in some strange highway that is just not in the right
path to writing fiction, maybe I haven´t found the voice, I don´t have
the vocabulary, nor the scenery…..writers block?
Man, I could check my stock but I´m broke so I´ll just smoke.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Ah, the cursed block – when I’m at a loss for words, I look at photographs. What follows is shameless promotion of my husband’s work (at least I’m honest) Get lost in his images – I do and words always come 🙂

    1. Good idea photography to see if my mind gets something creative in it. I did see a youtube video about a professor at the University of Florida and his process to writing short stories and he too used an old photograph to get inspired and walked you through his process of writing, quite interesting by the way.

      And I promise I will check your husbands work later on with more time.

    2. I have to tell you, I´m very impressed. Loved how he captured the lighting in the darkness, almost like paintings. And the black and white photos also great. Thank you for the link.

      1. He’ll be happy to hear that – not to be pushy, but this link is to the dozen or so of his photos that have been “explored” – the Flickr equivalent of Freshly Pressed…

        The Oilmen

        Happy writing 🙂

      1. Sorry, half the bleedin message vanished. I was going to say; that’s when I tend to post a quote ect 🙂

  2. It happens . . . I am stuck again (on the novel). When I get blocked/stuck, I write something different, or disengage for a bit and get some new scenery, or listen to some different music . . . or . . .
    Seems like you handled it pretty well – really enjoyed the piece above 🙂

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