things out there

You! Beware there are,
things out there
imaginative, beautiful, sad, loneliness, happiness
things out there
we think we look everywhere;
yet we shall seek only certain things,
in despair
certain things of all those things;
that are already there
for us to grab, hug; and snuggle with them

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. moving from one line to another without a terminating punctuation mark
        “…Evening, calm and free;
        The holy time is quiet as a Nun
        Breathless with adoration; the broad sun…” 😉 There you go with my sweet face

      2. Never appealed to me. I am more interested in the words. It HAS been said that my punctuation …is – confusing. Every now and again I ask my 12 yr old who are learning it all for help. I paid not much attention when we did it at that school place. Or maybe I have just forgotten it?! (that is called an interrobang by the way)

      3. what is called an interrobang in this comment?

        i´m a bit slow, so better not confuse me, and my computer is also slow so it takes ages to change to another page to look up interrobang

  1. Seems to me
    Enjambment strikes
    A chord
    Of tension moving our voice with
    Delay satisfaction in
    To Finish that
    Which we convey
    To say
    Our words in

    That all is a load of crock enjambment! lol

  2. Hey Cp – your “enjambment” was delightful and just like – well – so positive and two thumbs up because that dense encouragement will likely lift someone up – cos I know it made me smile (thx)
    cos u r so right – so many things are there – just waiting and there…

    “are already there
    for us to grab”

    1. Thank´s to Mr. Walter Whitman I now know what´s a enjambment, anaphora, and the rest. The course teaches 7 forms he uses and I thought tis poetry thing was easy! But it is interesting for sure and I have fun analysing his poems. Reminds me when I was back in school. Plus since the course is one by Harvard, I can now say I´m a Harvard student

      1. That is so awesome – so now we will call you Sir Charly Crimson Spaniard (the Crimson is for the Harvard background – ha!_

        and hey… anything that develops your writing can only be a plus – because all that creativity and originality in you just needs some salt, peppa, and some curry!

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