Got hacked by terrorist, comment section doesn´t work

What´s up with this wordpress people, or maybe it´s the terrorist after they read my last post……either way does this has happened to somebody else where that little bell that appears on the top right section of your feeder or before was just a little square and when you got a like or comment it turned orange, and you knew that somebody or quite a few of bodies where commenting…. you know what I´m talking about? Well that thing right after I posted the last post now it does not work. It turns orange, but then when I hit the orange thing instead of seeing the people that hit like or comment something I just have a white thing that comes down. Just plain white.  Has this has happened to anyone, or should I sue wordpress or maybe I should sue the terrorist that may get me somewhere.


      1. And I have to go to the post to then reply to a comment or see it first in the email inbox if i have comments or go to the comments section of wordpress and see there…pain in the ass and probably miss quite a few

    1. I have Safari, and I know you have commented because I actually see the little bubble there blinking orange but once I hit on it it goes all white, so I have either to go to the post to see comments or go to the comment section in wordpress and still will probably miss a few or not have the quick interaction that is fun.

      And is not that wordpress loads slowly it´s actually when i get into wordpress that the problems start, and now I´m starting to get pissed off

      1. I think it will pass soon. They are working on something in the system because even these messages have changed in format in the space of a day.

      2. Hello there Rose, sorry for the delay response. Seems to me that I still can´t see that little side bar that went down the bell so I still have to go to the notifications page, maybe is because I have the old Mac OSX, who knows…

  1. I use a tablet a lot and wordpress comments always crash it. Always. It makes it so hard to use a tablet! I have to type stuff over and over lol. Anyway, no I haven’t had it appear blank but I wouldn’t be surprised if it started to do that. I wish they would stop “improving” things!

    1. It is a little pain in the ass to say the least, right now I know you have commented because I went into the “comment” section of wordpress which takes more clicks more time, i´ll probably miss quite a few of them also, you can´t have a quick interaction as before so it´s just annoying

    1. See now I see that the freaking orange thing blinks but i have to go then to the post and hit the reply button to comment, just a pain in the ass. I can get used to other things but just annoys me but I´m 🙂

  2. Sometimes it is because you have the orange comment box thingy open in another tab – but I do not think it is that. The way my comments display when I click on it is different AGAIN…and I do NOT like the format. Pretty sure it could be the changes on WP. Hope it settles – if not – may wanna go to the forum to ask the tech geeks

    1. I did go to the forum and now how I know if I get notifications is by typing, that´s the only way I can see comments.

      Seems other people also have some problems with this new format they are doing but the thing is that the new format the little bell that´s to my upper right literally just doesn´t even blink so I have no clue if someone is writing or not. That has to be up to the wordpress people either to change or not to change, hope they change it get back to normal. For me the keep it simple thing works out much better than fancy thing.

      1. Oh hell yeah… glad you found an interim solution. I was going to suggest the notifications URL thing (which my daughter showed me) but thought it is still again in the ass – so better if they could have helped resolve it properly…mine went weird once before – and then it came right again WTF?! I am just shy to go to ask questions… thanks for doing the dirty work…. hehe. Oh shit – I am far to honest with horseshit.

      2. Sorry for the delay response, yep it´s in notifications but i didn´t do the dirty work, seems there is something called “forum” and seems I´m not the only one having these problems so a very but very smart guy gave the idea of just writing on the top bar He should get paid by the way.

  3. WP changed it yesterday making it “better”. NOT. I hate the new notification and can’t figure out how to bring up the “see archive” page. I’ve figured out how to make the format work, but I don’t like it.

    1. Sorry for the delay response. Yes it does seem like nobody likes it, and I still can´t see the little sidebar that went down the little bell when you saw it blinking orange, I still have to go to the notifications page to comment, a bit of pain in the but.

      1. chiming in – because I do not like it either – I commend them for trying to improve – and sometimes this is the only way to do it – but in this case it made it harder on us to reply to commented – and it is a bad improvement. Kind of reminds me as toy how iTunes changed for the worse and never got better – never. hope this one gets better – but if not guess such is life.

      2. every time I see the bell get orange I have to jump to the “notifications” page, which obviously takes longer to respond to the other person and now the statistics page has also gone white, don´t these people have a phone to call?

      3. well I am not sure about the stats – but I do know that when I was using the little notifications just last week it was fantastic and I had wondered why I did not know about it – but that was short-lived and now I have to figure out this new thing – which seems more limited…

      4. I just don´t even see the thing coming down, I have to actually go to another page to reply to comments which is a pain in the behind plus my computer runs quite slow.

  4. Hahaha…welcome to the club baby…wordpress is really acting weird nowadays…so you arent alone 🙂

    You should see their mobile application…you will kill them on sight…

    1. Sorry for the delay response, so it´s also in your Mac then…I thought it would be more of a problem with Mac users than PC but seems everybody is having some form of problem or another.

      1. And now I can´t even see the statistics page, does get a bit frustrating and every time I see I got a comment I have to got to this page of notifications and my computer is an old Mac OSx which runs very slow, so eventually I end up staring at the screen all frozen up for about 5 minutes in order to comment back to a person and in the meantime write something. Does get a bit frustrating.

  5. My wordpress bell thingy has changed over the last couple of days as well. I do get the pull down list of comments and likes but it looks different now and has a larger font. So my guess is they are in the process of updating everyone’s accounts to whatever this new look is and it is causing problems until they get it all finished

    1. Hello there jcckeith, sorry for the delay response.

      I still can´t see the pull down list of the comments and still have to go to the “notifications” page, I guess sooner or later hopefully they´ll make it better for all. But as I see a bunch of people are having different problems in different degrees

  6. This probably has to do with midloading failure. The scripts that the WP site sends (JavaScript, I think) have a time limit on things being sent and will give up on loading a few things if it takes too long or the service has been interrupted.

    This can happen easily on a slow or unreliable network/service.

    WP was, for a me, been sluggish and unavailable at times Thursday—people adding comments like crazy over the OM suspension news, other popular discussion, changes that the WP site has made (they’re doing that more often), even incompatible scripts cached in your browser.

    Try reloading the page in your browser, or upgrading the browser or emptying the cache.

    1. Sorry for the delay response. I think I should probably upgrade the browser, if I can. I do have a very slow and unreliable network service. And thank you very much for your info.

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