They have stole my face !!!

aaaaaa!!, wordpress just stole my face. You know that beautiful face that appears on your comments section or in the like´s, yes this beautiful face3cc6126e29a8d86c446aa0dc96995cb7  her you go look at that beauty. Well I tried to change it today and what the hell now there is no face, I see the changes are made in the section where you change your face and actually I can see the new face I was going to put up( I´m a narcissist) in my little bubble there to my upper right hand corner but only in certain pages of wordpress and then I go to hit like or comment on somebody and only appears a strange green square other times it appeared  also a green creepy serpent. And went to the forums and they actually found the instructions there as to how to change that face and the gravatar thing or what not, and I did it correctly the freaking wordpress people told me so in the web, it said “changes are completed you may return to you blogging” or something to that effect but key phrase is “changes are completed” screw that, what changes I just wanted to update, and don´t ask me why because now that i think about it is stupid and a terrible idea, well I ma a narcissist did I say that?

Actually I wanted to update a bunch of stuff really starting with that change of the face for this other beauty over hereFoto 327 and then wanted to upgrade and see the widgets and gadgets and improve the blog theme or make it easier to navigate, but it all came crushing down when the basic most simple thing just didn´t work out. So I said to myself why start now looking to change or upgrade this stupid blog if it´s going to be worst than it is now. Plus what the hell, my little notifications thing on the top right still does not work if you hit a little section of white thing comes down so I actually have to type out, in order to respond to comments and my statistic page went also blank since now they seemed to have changed to another name so I have to type out instead of going directly from the dashboard I have to type What´s with these fuck up´s, they´re worst than me. Starting to aggravate me. Now that I have all the time in the world with my broken ankle to sit around the whole freaking day even my butt hurts from sitting down so much, it has even gone to sleep on several occasions here in this stupid white chair while I “improve my wordpress experience” improve what? Every time I make a change it sure changes but for the worst. So forget about touching the widgets or gadgets or whatever the hell they call them. I´m not doing anything. I´m faceless now, and I actually like it. They said it would take two hours to change at most, that was at 8 in the morning and here is now 20 to 8 in the evening. Stupid wordpress, making the pain in my ankle go to the extremes now, going to sue them for malignant something, something malignant.

I´m actually going to hit my own like button and see if I see my freaking face which I doubt, by the way what´s with people and showing their faces? Never understood it, but i did do it also, and now i want my freaking face back, i don´t want a creepy strange box, I want my face that way easier it is to disgrace. But I want  back my face, and scared shitless to touch the widgets and gadgets and next thing they tell me this wordpress  people saying they have upgraded this or that, fuck them, I´m not touching anything.

NowFoto 329 puff puff goes the magic dragon, I´m the narcissist dragon by the way, so now I have 3 faces of me in one post. I´m actually thinking of putting faces all over. I want my face back wordpress people, don´t know why i need to put up a face but i do, so give me back my face. And screw also this computer, runs slower than I do right now on crutches. Damn I´m bored.

bored to the snored
wicked Alfred the snipped
ching chang is my wang
wang bang you go mam
I´m you man



  1. Excuse me sir! You should not be smoking!
    But don’t worry I’m on the nicotine train to. Damn I hope you get your face back, I’m very sorry that you lost it😀
    And also: you better stay on that ‘stupid white chair’ so your leg can heal.
    Always good to read you stuff, lotsa laughs and smiles.

      1. I believe you where from Durban which that is in South Africa? So if I have that correct from what other people from your neck of the woods they have told me that cigarettes there are very but very expensive.

        Here in Spain, and I consider the hospital my second home. It´s the norm to see all the nurses and doctors all huddle outside the entrance doors smoking like chimneys, which was great for me since I just asked them for cigarettes when I ran out and couldn´t get anybody to bring me any.

      2. From Durham I am, the cigarettes are exorbitantly expensive here but our couches have a special “lost change” compartments so it’s all good.

        What a bad example they are setting! Naughty medical staff, and you are even worse for encouraging them. Buy your own cigarettes! !!

      3. They´re the ones giving me the cigarettes and you know that as a smoker after spending a month without moving from a hospital bed the first thing you do if they let you walk is go outside and ask every passing soul for a cigarette, and since the doctors and nurses are there usually it was in their eating brake so around 1-2 p.m they just gave me cigarettes, actually I asked not only for one but started chatting them up, (especially the young female nurses) and returned with two or three smoke to the room. And actually I did smoke on the hospital bathroom, naughty me….but most of the nurses didn´t say anything, or if they said something I´d just come up with some crazy witty remark make them laugh plus they knew me already, I probably think they miss me. I was a pretty cool and nutty patient so every time they got in my room to stick some needle or change one of those bags where antibiotics are well, I just broke their routine. They actually should be thanking me for being there and give me part of their pay for entertaining them.

      4. I know exactly what it’s like, my son decided to drink petrol one day and so we got admitted. The nurses and security look at you funny every time you for a smoke,like you’ve come to dump your baby and then run off using the pathetic excuse of nicotinelessness. Anyway I got tired if this so I just had a smoke in the toilet…. I felt terrible but no one knew so what the hell. Ah I’m sure you showed those raunchy nurses the time of their lives. They must have been delighted to have such a flirt on the ward, and they must have been sad to see you go.

      5. I actually felt sad in some respect to get out, with some of the nurses i did ended up having a very good report with them,male nurses as well, that guy would actually have to be called out of my room since we started talking and talking and time just flew by . They took quite kind to me even when I drove them nuts with my ramblings, specially when they couldn´t find a vein to stick the needle since as you know when you have been put in very hard antibiotics for a long time the veins usually get screwed up. So I would be rambling on that not that one, and that stick it on that other vein which I was starting to give them names and God knows what other things I would say. So in a way I was more than glad to get the hell out of there, I knew they are professionals and they do their job, but still i was thinking these people are quite nice.

        I did get the cell phone of one nurse by the way;) actually wrote a post some time ago and who knows where it is but wrote about it. Shameless me

      6. My best friend is a nurse, he is always having overly long conversations with his patients. I guess that why they love him so much. I hope that one day someone (hopefully more than one) will think I’m quite nice to. Still on lots of meds?

        Aaaaahhhh you terrible man you!! Stealing the hearts of young nurses😊

      7. This guy would inject whatever antibiotic and we would have some serious conversations about life, (after a few weeks of knowing him that is) quite strange for me talking with this male nurse but at the end spending all that time staring a four walls, I actually missed the guy and waited with a smile and a witty remark when I knew he entered his shift.

        With the girls what can I say, I´m the Spanish version of Brad Pitt………

      8. How amazing that you can form such a beautiful relationship with someone in such a bleed setting and under such difficult circumstances. I feel like great people are few and far between and while we may not be able to have them in our lives forever, the memory of them is life-giving.

        I laughed out loud at that… but then I always do when I read your posts and comments. I’m sure they were smitten.

      9. I think that I had a man-crush 😉

        You know that laughing is the best therapy for….. anything in life, so I might as well be considered a psychologist and start charging you people.

      10. highly frowned upon, o.k i got it now when I saw the yellow creepy faces you put on the post, you where being sarcastic… I only see squares in the notification page. Why don´t they put squares, see? the technology is driving me nuts. I´m going to live in a cave now.

      11. Two shameless people….we should get married next year under the ocean with white sharks surrounding us. That would be original if we get out alive, then we can divorce the next day but at least you would have a hell of tale to tell

    1. I´m not touching anything anymore,if the face somehow appears then good if not, what can I do, just write which is what´s about. But i still want my face back, for the sole reason that i find it screwed up that this wordpress people have me running around and around doing laps around my brain just to change one basic thing, so they want me to upgrade things or see the cool widgets and gadgets? No way Jose

    1. I don´t know about nice pics, what I do know is that these wordpress people are playing me,it´s a concerted effort amongst them, since the face is the least of the problems. The notifications page has gone all nuts on me as well as the statistics page and more important the widgets and gadgets I used to be able to manage, those too have gone….don´t know where but they have gone

      1. I know, I´m the Spanish version of Brad Pitt. They actually call me “The Big Torero Charly”at least the girls though, and I now this beauty(I´m talking about my face) can´t be shown 😉

      2. You should start that campaign or you can also boycott them, that would be kind of neat. Don´t know exactly how can you boycott wordpress without gaining anything…but I have a lot of time on my hands right now so I´ll think about it.

    1. Tell that to the wordpress people, my face only shows on my blog not in others, I want my face back, could you start a national campaign? Just name it “Find Mr. Priest a face!” Gather a whole bunch of signatures and send it to wordpress,or you could start a boycott now that I think about it

  2. The cool hard-dude criminal look kinda works for you dear. I refer to bottom illustration of Charly Priest. The middle one is nice and sweet looking. Pretty… almost…. 😉

    1. Pretty almost? I´m beautifuuuulll… actually when I look in the mirror I almost fall down from the beauty radiating from it.

      I prefer a snobbish boyish criminal….

      1. So it seems, am I really 32? Can´t even believe it how time has passed. Although I´ll let you in on a little secret. When I go out which now I rarely do and bores me the same old same old thing, but if I do and women are there specially younger than me, I´ll say I´m 25. That sometimes does fly, quite a lot of times actually.

      2. Amazing what an artistic sketch can do 😀 lol! Promise – old enough to be your …not QUITE mother, but – big sister maybe? Ah screw it – ‘sugar-mommy’ works – if I was loaded and single 😉

      3. Just leave your husband and kids, you would actually do a good service to the kids, they would learn very soon how to fend for themselves, be independent human beings. It is worth it, or at least make an escapade of a week….

  3. they just keep making everything worse and aggravating, if it weren’t for you telling me how to type that thing, i couldn’t/ can’t even see my notifications day 7…they did steal your face.. all i can see is a royal blue avatar of you ,i noticed it yesterday. i thought you were changing, but of course it’s wordpress making everything worse. i should have known that.

    1. It seems I can only see my face on my blog,but not in others, plus a bunch of widgets and gadgets that I previously could use now when I hit the link they just show me to another white page. Just a mess with these guys.

      1. Now we actually look the same, I too look in a whole bunch of other blogs like the little green square you have, I think we have been made for each other by a higher power…

      2. LOL we do we look the same.,”made for each other”…sometimes in some places, don’t be suprised if they don’t turn you into a robot with a goofy face & always on a serious blog., about death or something , at the worst times

      3. I did notice that thing also, in one blog I turned out to be some kind of strange monster, pretty freaky by the way I had to get out of that page as fast as the computer runs which is not that fast.

      4. i have never in 22 years been high from my pain medicine or any medicine.i saw you wrote that…i wonder what it feels like…not even high from alcohol, b/c after 2 sips my heart would go crazy..
        please don’t eat spaghetti day 3…i have done 4 days…sometimes i eat chinese 3 x’s a day

      5. I don´t get high with the pain medication, just joking around. Just does what is suppose to do, not let my ankle swell up in that cast and eases the pain.

        Common! Spaghetti is the greatest thing human kind has invented, that and the statue of David, what´s with the Romans by the way, statues of naked guys…..bit weird since they where the one suppose to be tough men

      6. oh…that’s why you have a picture of it up on the chair too,so the swelling will go down..
        gluten free spaghetti is the worst thing they invented then.
        i don’t know roman’s but i know greeks have plates with boys playing leap frog – from the movie- bird cage.

        i have to make this page 60% so i can answer you or the reply button doesn’t appear

      7. lol.. i keep it 100% but i have to keep lowering it ,or the reply box is under the screen and you can’t answer..
        i love bird cage:”ah but sir , i never wear shoes b/c they make me fall down”hank azaria as the man servant

    1. I don´t know what´s up with these guys, but they stole my face, the notifications don´t work as they did before, the statistics page has also gone blank plus a bunch of other gadgets and widgets that I previously could manipulate and now I hit the links and they show me the door in to what? you guessed, another white page. It´s just a pain in the behind.

  4. oh dear lord! and they call me “miss think too much” well they should see this post and they will see how someone can get too reflective 😛 nice new pic btw 🙂

    1. I don´t think too much…I over think things and then tell them outloud to drive people nuts.

      But I still want my face back, and the widgets and gadgets, and notifications, statistics pages e.t.c. I just want them to change it back to how it was, I don´t like technology drives me nuts and they are complicating my life and I think I´m having a nervous breakdown, aaaaaa!

      o.k, going to smoke a cigarette and sit down,forgot I ´m already sitting down, actually I´m sitting down the whole freaking day with a stupid cast on my leg, so I´ll just smoke then two cigarettes calm down and well, damn, I can´t believe this I´m a drama king, just bored 😉

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