What should I write about……

Hello there my name is what? My name is who? Charly is me and my friend is Winnie the Pooh, I sit around the most of the day, getting high on pain medication, then writing but my mind is gets clouding, Claudet, if I have a daughter I will name her Claudet. Sounds like a medieval old English type of name from a Queen. Imagine that, me having a kid, the freaking thing would probably start walking on her second month just to get away from me. Good thing of that is, that I would have created an independent person. Don´t know if she would be a Queen or turn up in the streets but she would be independent. Unlike me right now.

So….da da di da, what should I say, things do go my way, I read and write a lot that´s for sure. By the way I´d like to get a stripper, and now being a little cripple with a broken ankle, forgot also a bad back and pancreatitis, so I´m actually a full blown out cripple and I managed to get there at age 32. How many people can say that? Quite an accomplishment if you ask me, not the best of them, but in it´s way it´s an accomplishment. They should give me some type of price. A golden hen maybe, laying out golden eggs. Anyhow anyways, the stripper, yes, was going here and there so I need a stripper and she´ll probably do a discount for a cripple. Now that I think about it the government should make some law that for cripples so we can get free lap dances. Or just some hot woman that feels sorry for cripples…how many woman out there are like that, none. Women are mean, they should do me in just to purge their heart and soul and mind, actually I would be doing them a favour by purging them from their sins, sins or not, just the act of kindness to have sexual encounters with a cripple should be enough for them. Fuck, am I going hay wire over here.

Got a poem, want to read:

My name is Charly
I´m a manly man

I have two dogs
I ate Spagetti today,
for, a second day on a row
now I´ll shut up.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. There´s still left, probably be eating it for the whole weak. So make the trip over the Atlantic there´s time, 7 days, I do prepare some mean sauce to go along with them

      1. It will be just perfect in 7 days, Spaghetti is best when the flavors have ” melded ” ,,,is that a word?

      2. As writers we create, you know the blog “interestingliterature”? Well I was reading the other day one post of them and that told you about which writers invented which words, I didn´t even know that writers actually created words, but later on thinking about it,it obviously makes sense if you write then you create.My word is “screwby” so hope to patent it or just say that I invented a word would be quite neat.

  1. Laughing at you, kind of . . . if I could, I would send you a stripper in an orange slinky sequin dress, so could see just how pretty orange can be 😉 (Yeah, I combined 2 comments there didn’t I 😉 )

    1. I´m doing a favour to the world as I always said, they laugh at me so that´s entertainment and laughter is the best medicine in the world, so I´m making the world a better place
      and no you didn´t combine 2 comments in one….did you?

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