Child of a small town village


Tuck in the middle of Spain, surrounded by green pastures that stain
you will find little one story houses, white and made of rocks, that 
chipped into everybody´hearts.

Children running and playing with, 
whatever they had in hand, which by today´s standards would be banned
Children running and playing with,
their imagination, since there was no internet connection
one of those children stuck out, he dreamed and cast about
and beamed what the future lay ahead.

The child of the small town village eventually got to the new world…..
The Americana´s where he strived and was full of pride
but after many years, the child returned to the small town village
with his head down not with the prince crown
but with a frown of, inconvenience and anger
bitter, until he found a transmitter a form to communicate
himself again, and educate himself again
he was just again, the child of a small town but not with a frown
this time with his little crown tuck, in the small town village

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses


  1. That made me smile with a tear Charly. I remember when I got my first transmitter… 6 yrs back now I can relate so much to this. To explain that would take a while – but – born and bred in Africa with not much at many points… the world transmissions are still very new. The opportunities ARE – WEIRD. SPEAKING OF OPPORTUNITY. Here is a post I did not it when I started on blogger (and then moved it here)
    Hope it makes you smile. It is one of my favourites…and I am melancholy like fuck today.
    In a kingdom that is not my kingdom and is far from my home. (you’ll understand if you read it)

      1. Yeah I know – but… I am too – curious 😉 And frankly you are likely right… dips and dives ey. Post M.T. lol. Ready and wanting so to speak. Aaah crikey. You know what they say about chicks as they get older? It s true!!!

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