See?Foto 330
what is to be, looking at the ceiling for 10 days and 30 more to go
in my own ways, writing sighing then reading then sighing
then watching t.v, then….bored after 10 days of not getting
any rays of sun, so that was dumb. Broken ankle has his uncle
whose name  is bored.

Yet, it is Friday so happy day to me sort off
getting out of this house and to another house
that what the girls in my town are for….
to score, not all, but certainly a few of those
they are quite some hoes,

drinks here
drinks there
anything to spare?


just a good night rest in your chest.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Sorry for the delay response, well if that list of chores consists in walking around with both legs, I´ll take it. That or a wheel chair would be quite cool to be moving around

  1. Howdy – if you are bored, you can help me find a job:). You have already offered your services as a stud, so maybe a recruiter? ;). Btw, thanks for the follow:)

    1. Am I following you?……I can stalk you if you want?
      Anyways, find you a job? o.k, would be kind of innovative to do a male female escort service under one umbrella.
      Bored? Na, this is just day 22 with a cast on trying to move as little as possible and still got about 30 days + or – to go, so I´m almost half way there.

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