What´s the reason for sleeping?

Can somebody tell me why humans sleep. I don´t see the point in it, you don´t do anything except have dreams. Which are just fantasy, although I have to say I do like some of my dreams, a bit kinky but hey at least those are the fun ones. But apart from that what is the whole point of sleeping, productivity in the day is degraded by this monster. Why God or if you don´t believe in Him why in the world did either He created us with dreams or that evolution was also a bit screwed up since it has let us with 6-8 hours of a 24 hour a day being in a comma. So what in the world is the reason for sleeping?……Just a thought I had after waking up from my nap.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. I get your point and I really like the way you put it.

    Then the little nerd inide of me inside is saying…well you reboost your body and brain and repair celldamages during sleep. And kids grow….so there is some biological ideas around it. But at the same time…t makes us extremely vulnurable….and a lot of time goes to sleeping.

    Now it’s 20.25 pm here. …I hope you’ll sleep well tonight.

  2. Not sure about young folks, but this old guy needs to rest now and then. I haven’t dreamed since returning from Vietnam, Drs guessing for years, but no clean answers, only diagnoses of sleep apnea, abnormal lack of REM phases, and etc. I just run until I drop, sleep until I get to the point of no longer falling asleep and off to the races again until I drop off while watching TV or just breathing. In other words, I have no clue.

      1. My mind can create images from thoughts, words, poetry, prose and audio recording, just not when I sleep. Oh well, at least I don’t talk in my sleep anymore since becoming a Mute.)))) small blessings

      2. How do you know that you don´t talk in your sleep if you are the one asleep…….

        Anyways my crazy ex girlfriend would say I snored too much and too much I denied that idiotic statement, I only realised I snored when I was in the hospital and my mother had to wake me up because I was making too much noise, even the other patients couldn´t sleep. But to that crazy girl, nope, it was all in her imagination.

      3. I’m a MUTE, I don’t talk in my sleep or awake, Cancer guaranteed that right before my last Grands were born. Thankfully I had enough recorded sessions of reading nighttime stories, poetry and “singing” lullabyes over the years, that they will be able to enjoy OPA’s voice forever thru the blessings of technology)))) My Father’s snoring would create the illusion of walls moving and shaking. He always said ” I don’t snore, I sat up all last night and didn’t hear a sound except my breathing.” Then cassette recorders came along, disproved that myth.))) I’ve snored since returning from Vietnam, and sleep most of the time with one eye open. Scares the heck out of flight attendants and nurses, Oh well.

      4. George you really can´t talk….that might be a blessing for some of the people who know me if I wouldn´t be able to talk.
        I know quite well what is to sleep with one eye open and not very comfy to say the least.

        So now you have the technology to keep your Grands busy with your voice, and soon they´ll be hearing Grandpa´s old war stories through writing. Not the real war, buy the cool grandpa and his antics around the globe now that his gathered a well of knowledge and a funny guy. As one story can go would be that you where actually thrown out of a flight because you scared the bejesus of some flight attendant. That would be a nice funny story for them to hear about old grumpy grandpa 😉
        You´re an interesting man to talk to George, good man.

      5. TY, yes, I have adapted to new technology out of necessity, thankfully it helps me abundantly. Sometimes I use my keyboard to create the voice of a synthesizer, kiddies love Opa’s Robot voice. But they listen better to recorded stories and songs and just hearing me on family videos when their parents were kids. Not perfect, but better than never hearing my voice at all. My youngest Grands never heard me speak live, but they felt my heart from the beginning, I could always soothe them just by holding them tight. I am blessed indeed, writing allows me to pass on the past, good and bad. My Sons have started keeping journals for the future, now we know that things can happen if you delay plans too long. Never know what comes tomorrow, so make notes and memories each day as you can as long as you can. Flight attendants and I have always had a special bond, dysfunctional at best, indeed.))))))))) Hope you get better VERY SOON, my man. Life with broken joint(s) SUCKS at the very least and BLOWS CHUNKS at the worst. but hang in there.))))))))))))))))))))))

      6. Hey there George, hearing you….what am I complaining about. I´m sure your kiddies are proud of grandpa and having him around, maybe not yet at this early age but they sure will be later on. As I´m sure your sons are. What if they are really spies? working in the place they work…. na, just a stupid joke. I´m sure glad you take your life as it is, keep yourself busy and make the best out of the circumstances, and better yet not complain about it on a constant basis or in your case probably not at all, i don´t think it´s in your DNA to complain. And those are the type of people I like, don´t care too much for cry babies, they tend to aggravate me, wasn´t brought up like that, but there are exceptions for some people that i really care for that are crybabies.
        With this writing thing instead of just shutting up i just write it out, sort of therapeutic don´t know why. You´re a good man, and even though if I have no clue who you are, I´m glad to have conversations with you.

      7. TY, I originally came to social media because my grown Kids thought I needed an intervention and an outlet to interact with people without having to bump into the same people every day where we retired and I lived after youngest Daughters were killed and their Mom passed. They figured it would be therapeutic at the minimum and the more time I spent online meant less time I wallowed in pity or drank or went out looking for a reason to explode on others. At one point Siblings banned me from seeing their Kids and Grands, now it makes more sense, I wasn’t a good role model for a short time. I met Friends on Twitter who helped me see that I was blessed in reality and brought me out of my funk along with an exPriest buddy of mine. I owe my sanity and life today to a few very special people. I just tried to be who my Kids needed and it turned around. Priest once told me I had to learn how to forgive myself bc God had forgiven me years ago. Also taught me that in life I really don’t have much control so I really shouldn’t be accepting SO much blame for stuff I never controlled anyway. After I realized it was Law Enforcement’s job to catch drunk drivers, not mine, life improved. Then my Nieces were born and needed me to take care of them bc their Parents couldn’t at the time. Now I blessed to have them with me all the time. They may not be blood relatives, but that doesn’t matter anymore, they’re part of my Clan that could never be replaced.
        I enjoy interacting with you, too. Writing is therapeutic and sometimes helps to keep up sane and not boxing the ears in on the Ignorants and Worthlesses in this screwed up world. Writing saves soooooooooo many lives. Indeed.

      8. A tough life you had to suffer. But now…well really happy for you. What´s in the past is past, can´t do much to change it now so might as well try to make the now worth it for oneself and the people that care about you now and you seem to have quite a lot of people who do care about you. So it seems the George for fun clan is going to grow and grow, you guys are going to take over the world one day.

      9. Sometimes, I think my other Siblings are wondering the same thing, especially considering Twins were rare in our family, but apparently both wives had the genes and here we are. I am blessed with many that share love with me and others, thankfully. 2nd wife and I had 6 kids, 2 sets of Twins and we adopted 3 more, non-twins, along the way. We have been blessed abundantly, so I don’t have too much room or reason to complain at all. Getting older beats the alternative, indeed.

      10. thank goodness we have backup plans to backup plans, military taught us to be prepared for the unexpected and unwanted))))))))))) Now that I’m not active duty, it gives me the freedom to work my own schedule unless the Stuff hits the Fan or someone finds out why they’re not supposed to push certain buttons or run certain programs without calling me first. Sometimes they’re slow at catching on and it costs them abundantly. I have a lot of prerequisites when I am forced to travel very far. I want it to be painful for them so I don’t have to do it very often.)))))))))))))))

      11. Forgot.
        About keeping journals, indeed. You never know when you´re checking out, my mother is not too fond of it. She says that what does she care when she is gone, my father on the other hand is the contrary he wants to leave his legacy and me..I take the side of my father because i really think and my health is not really on my side plus i tend to screw up so life expectancy i don´t think is going to be to out live my parents. So the more I keep them happy since I have already given them enough grief and I wasn´t even home back then, now that I am home I sense specially my mother her anxiety. And these are people that are tough as nails, rarely unless you really know them you will sense any anxiety or fear, it´s all overcoming, no excuses, just do it however you can. But do it. So since I´m starting to reconnect with these people, i sense now and getting to know them better, is really a blessing. So I guess what I´m saying is that I have realised too late that family is the most important thing in life.

      12. Family is the most important thing in life, indeed. Better late than never to learn and live. We have all screwed up and anyone who says they haven’t are either in Denial or just plain Liars. I try to prevent stress in my own life and especially that in the lives of my Clan. Sometimes I am too protective, but they know my motives are pure. They also feel free to speak up and say their piece, especially my Daughters in Law, twin Gingers, Bashful or Shy isn’t in their vocabularies.)))))))))

      13. haha, bashful and shy isn´t in their vocabularies…strong women you´re surrounded with. It sure is about preventing stress at least for the loved ones we have around, i still don´t know how this woman a.k.a my mother has taken me back, so the least i can do is not stress her out, she already had too much of that and i didn´t realise it at all since i was never home. And this woman I have in the house, or i better say the woman who I´m living now in her house, holy shit i have learned that she can be caring and loving and very gentile but piss her off and better run not to the hills but over the hills and keep on running, just like Forrest Gump.

        Too protective you said? Seems being a little older is softening tough George.

      14. Glad I was raised by Strong women, indeed. They knew how to be Ladies, but Witches when absolutely given no other choice. My Kids would agree, that I have softened as long as there is no threat to my, other family, and Friends. I have a special soft spot for children and older people or anyone else being bullied by Trolls and A$*holes)))))))))))))). Then the old deep hidden Beast comes out to “play” Reminds me of split/multiple personalities I studied in my younger days of medical books my Opa bought me. Quieter these days, but not too soft))))))))))) Still keep a “Go” bag, foldable shovel, waste storage bags 8’x3′, 20mm thick, bleach and lime tablets))))))))))))))

      15. What´s with this Troll thing… what´s that word. I heard it, and actually one person in wordpress called me that and wrote a post about me. Which actually generated more people coming from their blog to mine and actually after reading me they saw the stupidity of those nut cases, since they´re actually an organisation based in San Francisco that monitor the internet for gay abuse, bully´s, any bad thing that comes to mind to you right now, well their on their personal and of course righteous moral crusade against those who they deem to be “bad”. Which basically is most of the people. Funny thing with that organisation, actually quite a lot of readers that I follow and viceversa has also had encounters with those nutcases. Once you´re on your own moral crusade thinking you´re the best of the best always being right, then you´re going into a a dark path. Since at the end of the day what you really do is exactly what you say you want to prevent. They shut people off who they disagree with through their own bulling. But it was quite neat to be called a troll, and actually it was over some post I wrote about the bulls in Spain and some of my nutty comment of if you take the bulls away from Spain it will cause you pain, or something to that effect. Well, it seemed that by saying that I had commited murder. But hey, it´s their world I guess, I´m just trying to live in it.

      16. Trolls are usually Anonymous Aholes. They attack just because you disagree with them, reminds me of ISIS and other terrorists, except they are normally only on cyberspace. Ever now and then, they branch into real life Stalkers and then I enjoy sending them “gifts” after tracking down their IPs and real life addresses. Rarely can they outwit my software and even rarer, my Kids’ relentlessness to locate and expose. My Kids avoid too much social media, but when approached, they are either Angels or A*holes, no middle ground. Nut cases are nut cases for reasons beyond my experiences and understandings, medical and just personal training and education. I got bored easily, so I chose many career paths, wasn’t perfectly satisfied by any of them. Peter Pan complex, indeed.

      17. Peter pan you…big tough George is now a little kid inside that has never grown up. That should be something. Talk about career paths, I can´t even count the number of jobs I`ve had. Not counting the 4+ years sting in the army, i´ve done pretty much everything and anything in the civilian world. Bartender, waiter, bell boy, receptionist, security in disco´s, construction, teleoperator( don´t know the name in english, you know those people that call you at the worst time to sell you some idiotic product? well that one too)gardener,and probably missed a couple.

      18. We call them Tele Marketers, at least until they cause us to call them something a lot worse. Have you ever seen a TV series called The Pretender? My Kids loved it along with the McGyver series. I worked a number of years “working” many jobs while trying to uncover illegal activities on and off our military bases overseas in Europe mostly. Military sent me to law school and I did long distance learning for psychology and psychiatry. Sometimes wife said it was self defense to prepare me for civilian life with our kids)))))))))))))) I’m fairly good with computers and other weapons of mass distraction.

      19. I know the song of foofighters called The Pretender. Well here we do have military police, which they´re a joke really. Plus as I remember correctly we actually considered them less than us because we where infantry and they where not. You probably would have send me to jail in quite a few days just by close observation or not so close…..works different here. So you´re a tech guy, psychiatrist, then tell me something, why do I F up so much and when the Stuff hits the fan I have no idea why I´m the calmest person in the room and can think clearly through stressful situations. It has always happened to me and have no idea why. But I can go over the top for simple little things like if the computer is running too slow or just won´t run at all I´ll go screaming out in anger and hit a tree. Like a little kid.

      20. Emergency situations bring out our Flight or Fight reactions. Our brain knows the difference when we let it be in control and we handle what needs to be done regardless of risk. Now when we let our emotions rule us, then the shit hits the fan in real life. Sometimes drastic reactions over simple shit are a byproduct of bipolarism or depression(when we are feeling less than useful or needed or incompacitated and limited in our physical lives. I have a stress cat, when small shit bothers me, I squeeze it to death.

        and then go back to the pet store for a replacement. After all, it’s just a frigging cat.

      21. Then i guess I´m sort of depressed but i don´t feel depressed. But i do know that when the shit hits the fan and everybody seems to panic i react and if it´s in violent situations i do react with violence but control violence you could say, at least back in the i´m to school to go to school army days. Adrenaline pumping heart in the throat but controlling communications and movement of me and the others and the rest of the sha bang that goes with that shit. And in the civilian world the same, when someone is in bad health or something out of the normal day to day life, people tend to freeze which pisses me off and i´m the one that reacts which i have no idea why but i do. Maybe I am bipolar who the hell knows.
        A stress cat…., holy shit George, you had me laughing out loud there, even my dogs where looking at me weird.

      22. That’s why they call Depression a Silent Killer, it hides within without exact or perfectly definable symptoms, affecting each individual in very different manners. Medicine is a practice, because everyone is ever so unique, not robots or computers or clones(((( mental health is the most complicated, least understood, least exact category of health issues in the world. Not exact science even for the very blessed and endowed scholars. You need to be God to understand the brain and emotional functions of humans, I am sorely lacking in the God department, but abundantly filled with the imperfections of humanity. But I fight to be better everyday I can. PETA would crucify me for my stress cat.

      23. You have to read some of my rants I posted against PETA…
        Well whatever I have, I´m fine with it for the most part. Don´t think about things too much, just quite of pointless to torture yourself. I think a shrink saw me and said that I lacked affection..go figure what that meant.

      24. Sometimes shrinks just toss out stuff to get a reaction. Once a shrink told me I suffered from 40+ yrs of generalized anxiety, limiting my proper decision making skills to under 20%. I asked him if I was that sick, how did the military promote and challenge me so long without incident or medically discharging me? He had no answer, which told me he didn’t even take the time to read my medical records or the health questionnaire I filled out prior to the appointment. Actually it was a test and he failed miserably at it. He lacked compassion, how the hell did he expect to help others when he only cared about money and power? To date, he has neither.
        My Dad was a hard person to deal with, he expected perfection and hard work from us all. He was very harsh and sometimes seemed unfair and mean but his Dad worked himself to death to provide for his family, so there wasn’t much time for emotions or a big demonstration of love and understanding. They did the best they could, it was up to me later to be better at it for my Siblings and my Kids, but wasn’t easy, had to learn from scratch, didn’t have a role model to observe, so I screwed up often. thankfully my Kids were smarter and less shy, they told me what they felt always and often. We learned together how to share without judgment, thankfully through their Mom’s help and patience and the occasional slap upside my head.)))) Little didn’t translate to weak on her part))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

      25. My father is not the type of hugging and showing emotions, as a matter of fact it was my mother who raised me since the man was always out working his tail off. He´s done it since he was 12 years old so I actually don´t think he can live without work. But you just got to love them for who they are with their good and bad things, the same as he does to me. Always saw mom in my soccer games screaming her eyes out to kick the ball and job well done, things like that. What a woman, I call her “mama Rambo” she did everything for this screwed up “kid”. So i really never, not even as a kid, thought much about it. For me it was normal not to have my father around, and saw other kids with their fathers doing things, playing with them, but never actually thought too much about why i didn´t do those things with my father. Mom was there. And I didn´t turn out a mamma´s boy, quite the contrary at age 19 I was out and about and army days since i was too cool to go to school. Not a great decision looking back, yet again would not trade it. I actually never had any resentment towards my father. Not like other people that say, my father or mother was never there and cry about it. I had my father that provided the money, and he love´s me in his own way, he was the only person from my family that actually traveled 300 miles to see his son graduate from what you guys call Basic Military Training. After his son through away his scholarship in the U.S i might add and spend quite a lot of his money. So there he was, quite unexpected for me. He came gave me a pat in the back, went out to have some lunch and then he was gone since he had to work. My mother on the other hand was pissed as hell that first i left the studies and second that i was joining the army.

        By the way you know all that thing about ADD and ADHD that kids are now diagnosed with on a constant basis…i think that a good slap on the back of the head tends to get their attention. It got mine and i was a handful. Didn´t need no medications to treat my day dreaming of not being in some boring class.

        I actually think that now a day, although is good to better communicate with your children, maybe some parents go overboard, as well as schools. What´s with the giving out trophies for participation? What the hell is that, you either win or don´t. It´s not like your going out in the world for a job interview, you don´t get it but they give you a smile and a little trophy and tell you, “you suck at this and that so that´s why you are not hired, but here, your trophy for trying” Seems to me society is getting quite softy now a days with the kids, not so much here in Spain but sure seems to me in the U.S.

      26. I had my Dad for 17 yrs and 1 month and learned much more about him afterwards than before. I swore I’d never be like him, but as I aged, I realized the reasoning behind his “tough love.” He was preparing me for Life, good and bad parts. He taught Reality, not dreamy views. He taught independence, not “Entitlement” and how to manage money and provide for your Family first and everything else afterwards. I was resentful at first, but then raising 6 girls took up all my time along with working, then military duties. I wasn’t allowed to play sports when he lived, it didn’t help put food on the table and school was too far to walk for practices. Work or studies and Family, no time for extracurricular activities. I turned out halfway OK, depending on whose opinion you get.
        You are absolutely correct that we are raising Wusses & Entitleds and will pay the price sooner than anyone expects. We have already put ourselves in a corner with all this PC crap. You can’t criticize the actions and misdeeds of anyone without being called some kind of “phobe” and labeled all kinds of “ist” . Absolutely frigging bonkers the world has gone and is it’s way to disaster. We try to reason with and appease terrorists and Aholes like Putin and his like. Afraid to call a Communist a Commie and Terrorist and Czar or Emperor or King in their own minds. KGB only knows collusion, corruption, threats, violence, sprying, blackmail and Evil. They call themselves protecting the Russian people, but they only want old Mother Russia back when it was at its largest and most powerful days. We should have never trusted them as “allies” but betrayed them as they did us after WWII and just nuked their A$$ while they were still using horse drawn wagons for transportation. We could have take their government and saved their people from years of oppression and death and slavery. Bloc territories suffered from lack of backbone, they learned nothing from the Nazi Death camps in Germany and Europe or Hitler’s rise to power. Society is trying to reach Pure Communism where everyone is “equally rewarded for their efforts”. Plain BS, lies and will bring about the destruction of the world’s democracies and Freedom as we know it. I met Putin many many years ago before he was the Power, still a sociopath and psychopath mixed bag of Evil, moreso today than in 70-80s, if anyone can believe that.

      27. I still can´t get into my head why in the world your president can not say Muslim extremist or terrorist. That´s what they are so name it and i´m not a military strategic brain, but i do know this, that once you determine and name that enemy and then literally rally the troops which tough and speeches followed by equipping them and giving them the resources, at least for little soldiers like I was does give you a will to take the fight. And if you ask me, a lot of battles, don´t know about wars how this one is going to end up, and tell you the truth i really don´t care. But the small battles on the ground, or skirmishes, the will of the soldier to win has a lot to do with it. Apart from equipment and well trained in basic tactical movements, communications, and obviously shooting skills. But will, can and does turn the tide around in a lot of cases. But you have to rally the people, and in this case rally the American people. Mr. O, constantly is apologising for what America has done or what is doing and saying they have to improve more here or there. F.ck that. Tell the people how great they are, and that like it or not( and this is a fact) being the greatest military power the burden does rely on you to lead. Look at us Europeans, we are really looking at the U.S and since this guy Mr.O constantly sends mix signals or fails to act, he creates a lot of uncertainty among his so called allies and the Europeans will not be proactive until the Sh..t hit´s the fan and then is already to late. Since little me I´m a bit of a history buff( I´m constantly watching the History channel or National Geographic) seems to me that history does repeat itself. Every time the U.S has been isolationist like now, turned out to be a WWI( that could be debated though) but certainly for America´s inactions did lead for certain to WWII. Once the U.S, is not active in parts of the world there is a vacuum left, and that vacuum somebody is going to want to take it, some country, plus now we have this nut cases of Muslims terrorists who actually are taking parts of two countries and has affiliates in other countries. Rouge countries will fight to fill that vacuum and then we are really screwed, mostly the Europeans that we don´t have the might of the American military power. So we do look up to you guys as in saying, what the hell? This guys are not doing anything now, what do we do? Negociate…well that turned out good for little Putin over there. You don´t negotiate with those types.
        I remember a famous quote when Bush was in office when he met with Putin on his ranch and came out saying “He´s a nice man, I have looked into his soul” or something to that effect. Well people laughed in the U.S at Bush, but Bushy the Bush had those freaking missiles pointing at Russia while he said those words. For me that was a good diplomacy, praise the guy in public while little Putin knows that Bush is not to be pushed. At the end of the day, in this world I think is better to be feared by your enemies rather than respected. Since actually the last part does not come without the first.

      28. Years ago, he admitted that he was indeed a Muslim, but the anchor doing the interview saved his butt. Now it is more evident than ever. If anyone ever read Obama’s books and the books from Dinesh D’Souza and watch the films he produced, it would be so clear. Obama is exactly what his Father wanted to be but never achieved. My Son in Law is a cousin of Obama, but he makes it very clear that You can’t choose your bloodline. He made it very clear that Obama is a anti-colonialist who believes the majority white USA should be punished and put in its place for ever participating in slavery. But gives no blame to the Afrikans who caught the slaves and sold them to the white Europeans who could never have captured them alone. You are right, when you are not feared as a world power, you become a target and considered a Wimp or Wuss. Reagan was feared because he was loyal and patriotic and didn’t fear any action by anyone, exactly why hostages were released prior to his inauguration. Iran feared the Crazy Cowboy while laughing about the “military veteran” peanut farmer Jimmy Carter.(he still has not recovered his respect lost during the Presidency.) ((( He deserves none, IMHO.
        In my old home town, thugs feared me more than respecting me and I loved it. Cleaned out Crack houses and hangouts of gangs. Accidents waiting to happen. They learned I was too crazy to be scared, and never travelled without extra “belts” and “bags”

  3. Wow, so much fun Charly. The answer is pretty obvious but the question still persists. Same here. I’m frequently aware of what is happening when I’m asleep. My dreams are varied, sometimes I am just filing and processing everyday events and refining my understanding of how to navigate the so-called awake world. There is a vastly more intelligent aspect to my brain that I can’t control but I can most easily consult through my dreams. I dream the vast majority of my poems. If I try and access this aspect of myself whilst awake, I will fall asleep not long after. It uses energy but also the conscious mind won’t allow it, it runs interference when I am awake. So most of the time I prefer the unconstrained world of ideas and connections that is available when I sleep. Many times I have caught myself casually exploring every iteration of a possible solution or concept – thousands of times in a night. Who wants to be awake for that? That’s said, I sleep a lot less than I should because I keep thinking I’m missing my life when I go to sleep. Two totally opposing ideas, happily sitting side by side.

    1. There is day dreaming or thinking and then plain out dreams which now that I think about it, ofcourse they are based on life most of the time. I normally have nightmares based on past experiences.

      But when you say who wants to be awake for that? That is life and that is reality, better see it and embrace it even if it hurts, you tend to come out stronger, either that or you go down but one of the two is sure to happen.

      And I know you had fun reading it, I can always see it in the little box that appears with your name, your always laughing ! 😉

      1. Who wants to be awake for the endless processing of information, is what I meant t say, Charly? I practice ideas and plan courses of actions by trying every possible scenario, but I don’t do it consciously, I just catch myself doing it just before, after or during dreams. I’m glad not to be awake for that because it would crash my conscious mind, which can only comprehend the short version. It can only understand the outcome, the what to do next that arises from all those nightly iterative attempts to create order out of the potential chaos of living.

        So I totally agree with you, miss nothing of your life, live it all – whether it hurts or not. We always grow stronger if we survive, the very fact that we survive proves it.

  4. I like how Celia mentioned the healing that goes on (which your body needs right now especially) but my question is why does it have take up 1/3 of each day – or more or less for some – but sleeping 8 out of 24 hours – that is what I wonder Sir Spaniard ❤ ❤

      1. You´re something… Well no wonder they should make me king, first I bankrupt the country which is sure to happen and then by some random act of sending some random dude I´ll eventually make the country the richest one in the world and all this, me without knowing it or having had a plan…..you do know me quite well. Even dummies have luck.

  5. when i was 18, i said why do you have to sleep , you sleep when you die. i took care of my parent’s house & my fiance’s apartment and drove to college an hour round trip every day & had lunch at red lobster at 4.lol
    then i got very ill from four hours sleep.

      1. that’s true.feels like you’re missing something ,when we sleep.actually i don’t think i was made for sleep, b/c i can’t even fall asleep w/o a tranquilizer & a muscle relaxer…if i don’t take the 2nd one, i wake up in 2 hours.lol

  6. Sleeping does help heal the body & rejuvenate it, though I must admit, I don’t get much & rarely dream . . .
    Enjoyed the post & you are probably sleeping more because you are bored and immobile to some degree 🙂 It’ll pass soon!!

    1. Today I did sleep like a little baby I can tell you that. Lately I was sleeping on the couch, for the simple fact that I was to tired and lazy to move from the couch all the way to the bed, so I´m actually tired of not doing anything,go figure, although the bastards of the doctors where correct at the end. They did tell me I was going to loose a lot of muscle mass after quite some time of not moving and sitting down, it has been 22 days and….they where right! At first I dismissed it as always thinking what are this idiots talking about, me? tired and not want to move? crazy….seems not so. Still have about 20 more days to go I think, I´m terrible at math plus I just woke up so it´s 6 weeks at the least they said so you do the math. And then wait how it cures and that I don´t have a permanent limp for the rest of my life or not be able to walk…go figure how this “adventure” is going to turn out.

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