Is that you mom???

So now it seems I can´t get into the add media section so I´ll have to write it down. Every day something happens to this wordpress thing.

“Don´t mistake my kindness for weakness, I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember about me”

Mom….you scared the shit out of me!!

Can you believe this woman, now that she know a bit about how to navigate the internet she has discovered instagram, plus she´s having a ball reading all the blogs, including mine!! Anyways that cool little quote she was the one who had saved it and wanted my father to print it, she´s getting better with the internet but the part of printing is still long ways to go. So that quote where in the world did she find it? Through a wordpress blog and who said that…… Al Capone!! This woman says she feels it sounds true to her, for crying out loud I´m sitting here on a chair with a cast on and trembling thinking I have this nut case on the other room watching some reality t.v show, the Spanish ones which should be banned or better yet criminalised.

Anyways, any one who has read me for some time pretty much knows the story of how I ended back in my parents home at age 30 and after living quite a nutty life to say the least. Although I did do a brief and fruitful sting in a university in the great state or I should say the great Communist Republic of California. And also I do tend to disappear from this house from time to time for quite some time. But that´s not here or there.

Point being, this woman wants to hang the piece of paper with that quote on the wall, and what´s even worst she doesn´t want to hang up the face of Aly boy up there, she wants her face to be next to the quote. Point being again, is that now that I spend time with them and reconnect…..I´m scared shitless with this woman. I´m actually rethinking the part of reconnect better disconnect. Plus is Friday the 13……I´m living with a gangster! Unreal.

Love you though. 😉

Mommy???? is that you??

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses. And beware who your family REALLY is……..


  1. I love this quote and your mom is so great! It’s so true and so easy to mistake kindness for weakness. Very is the kind people who are the strongest. Kind people are often the ones whos been going through tough times and knows that Life is to short to judge others.

      1. Ha,ha,ha :-)..actually you’re welcome here on a vacation to start with :-)…me and the boys would show you Stockholm and we would put you in a kayak, and show you the city from the sea.. and introduce you to my Krav Maga instructors …….but you have to get free o the plaster first..because if you fall in the water with that….it’s not good.

      2. That´s true, this plaster actually weighs a ton, so you would probably have a dead Spanish body floating in the waters of Stockholm. Which wouldn´t look to good for you when you will be asked “was he staying with you?”

  2. LOVED this – cracked me up – LOVE the quote . . . true story, NEVER mistake kindness or compassion for weakness, it’ll bite you in the ass every time!!! 😉

    1. Indeed, tell me about it. People see her very kind and when they think they can abuse that kindness, or talk in harsh tones to her which happens rarely but when it has happened…..holy, then you see her other side which as his son I know but those who don´t …. then they better start running but fast. Even his own son at times.

      Still kind of scary though thinking I have Al Capone´s grand daughter living with me and I just realised now at my age.

    1. I want to see you laugh when you meet her…..
      Thank´s. Been browsing earlier through your blog, you´re a damn good poet, so now I have to stalk you and you can´t do nothing about it since I have Mrs. Capone by my side.

      1. That is so cool u are in Spain. Can you download the kindle Reading app. I ask because u can read books without having an actual kindle. And kindle has lots of free books you can download into your eBook library…. Just an idea. Hope you don’t mind my mentioning it:)

      2. I love the idea, problem is that I’ m not a very tech guy and have no clue about what you said, so I’ ll do a bit of research and ask you some questions if you don’t mind

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