Valentine´s day, a tragic day really.


A Christian Saint named Valentinus
he did seem to drink quite a bit of vinous
in the days of the Romans, he performed to no man
just for those Roman soldiers who where forbidden
to be ridden of celibacy, they wanted to marry to their
own Mary, so in came Valentinus and did that for them
he was then jailed for them, but, during his imprisonment
to the astonishment of his prison guard, name was weird like
all the other Roman names, anyways, name was Asterious,
so serious but Valentinus healed the daughter of that Asterious
before he was executed…..Asterious thought of some mercy and let
Valentinus, make his own  little nanowrimo that stated to the daughter
“Your Valentine” as a farewell, before he was hanged down the dark well.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses and happy Valentines day ! Tomorrow that is.


  1. Wow – that’s a wicked take 😉 I did watch “Gone Girl” last night (read the book, too) – now that is some wicked shit for a Valentine’s watch for sure LOL!
    Hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day Charly ❤

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