Why that badge of honour?

Gays: Why that gay parade, or saying I´m gay and proud. My uncle died of aids he was gay, I was with him his last 2 months in the hospital me and my mother rotating every 24 hours up until the day he died. We never talked about him being gay, he was the kindest person in the world you can meet. He would actually take me out to buy me clothes( when he was in good health) telling me that I dressed like a plumber. He would spend hundreds of dollars for his screwed up nephew. I hate shopping, bores me to death looking at this shoe and that shoe, come on are they white? That´s the only thing I want to know about the shoe. But I went along because I knew he enjoyed doing that for me. And the man laughed his ass when I started telling him my crazy stories with girls and some stories of my drunk stuppors. He always shook his head and said “you´re a mess, clean it” but the man couldn´t stop laughing. Even in the hospital my mother would tell me he asked about me when I wasn´t there. Great person. But not because he was gay, but because of his character.

I could care less if your proud of being gay or not, you´re a good person then great, your an asshole then your a gay asshole. Just like straight people. Just be you, I know the stigma about gay for sure with some people, I have no problem with it, so I don´t understand what the hell is that “I´m gay and proud” what the fuck, should I say “I´m straight and have sex like a wild bunny and proud and even my mother calls me a man whore” no. I don´t. I don´t see the badge of honour of being gay. The rest of the world does not have to bow to you or give you a pat on the back. Just be you and you´ll find people around that love you for who you are as a person. Just pisses me off when some of those people say it as in wearing that badge of honour.

Vegetarians: I have to feel sorry for you, you will never get to taste the Spanish paella and that should be a crime. But again why say, I´m a vegetarian and wear it as a badge of honour. What do I care what you eat or don´t eat. I don´t care. Eat whatever you want, don´t expect me or the others to follow your crusade for whatever reason your doing it, but why say it as in being proud. I don´t go and say, “I´m a MacDonalds addict, I´m a cow eater”. Each to his own and stop lecturing me about what to eat and not and why I´m cruel because I eat meat. By the way have you ever saw a poor person being a vegetarian….I haven´t. Why don´t you go and lecture to the poor Makumbos over there in Africa and tell them not to kill their chicken because is morally incorrect to kill animals because they have sentiments. I´m sure it will go good for you, they´ll probably chase you out there with a stick at the very least.

I could ramble on but….I hit the two targets and that´s enough. 552 words. My fingers get tired. I´m sensitive!!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Right on, Charlie. Right on!! What matters is the Heart and how we treat one another. Put differences aside, stop shouting to the world you are better then I, and just BE YOU. I am frosty, thank you! Love, Amy

    1. It´s true isn´t it. What matters is the character of the person not what they claim to be of this or that. I could care less what they are. If they´re overall good people fine if not screw them, whatever they are, gay´s, Muslims, Christians, Jews, vegetarians, e.t.c. I don´t really care, you´re good,not perfect but overall a decent person, then good for you and for me.
      Love back Amy

      1. No I was not talking about the why and shame is to tell you the truth no that relative to what I was trying to convey. By the way what´s the shame of being a vegetarian? I´m just saying that those two categories, I could have named quite a lot more but didn´t want to make a thesis paper here, so I chose those two that came to mind one because the gay thing well you read about my uncle and second the vegetarians because quite a lot of them tell me how bad I am for killing little Dumbo the elephant. Gay´s, be gay I don´t care what you are, I think it´s actually demeaning for a gay person to say “I´m gay and proud” what the f…ck. Your not all bunched together in a group, you are individuals with certain set of human values and hopefully those values are good(not perfect)as where the ones of my uncle who happened to be gay. So point being, is not to cast people in a whole community but to see them as individuals.

      2. Come on, no apologies at all. From you, you can say whatever you want, plus is good if we have different opinions, would be kind of boring if we all thought the same.
        Plus you´re sexy 😉
        And more important they pay you to solve problems so I might very well need you….as of right now!

    1. If you think about it, it is quite strange. Why that proudness of being a vegetarian? What do I care? Eat what you want, but don´t go then on a crusade against me because i don´t want to eat what you want me to eat, and call me animal hater and animal killer. Just leave me alone and eat all the grass there is in you lawn. Then you can probably say you´re a proud “lawn mower” or some ridiculous thing like that.
      I just don´t care. But I do care is when they try to impose their values on me. I don´t do that to others so they should not lecture me on what a criminal I am for eating good meat and fish and the rest

      1. From now on I am going to go around telling everyone that I’m eating chocolate cake – and then I better go and do so because it’s what I’m telling them ((I’ll force myself hehehe!))

  2. I’m a mute, but you don’t see me going out on the street and yelling that to the top of my lungs, “I’m mute and I’m proud.” Oh yeah, who the hell would hear me? Oops

      1. You should have seen the first time after surgery that I autoreflexed and picked up phone and could only breathe hard and make guttural noises. Aunt on other end thought she had dialed a pervert or worse. Son called her back and explained situation. Now I have TTY activated capable phone. It sounds weird, but helps in a pinch or three. Flash cards ease the situation, especially when stopped by law enforcement. I asked the DMV if it was OK to take my next picture with a piece of masking tape over my mouth. Needless to say they were NOT amused.

      2. That´s for sure, those people seem miserable the whole day. What´s up with those. I still remember my first time I went to the DMV over there in the U.S and apart from dozens of people stack together and everybody pissed off because of the long waiting lines the people making me wait had also a frowning face. So I finally realised why people hated it so much to go there. It´s more of a torture chamber. Wat they should call it really is Department of Menacing Vehicles.

  3. I so want to taste the Spanish paella ❤ Really!!! I have never eaten it, but it looks so good!
    And I agree, a person's character is way more important than any self-imposed label . . . and I don't care what others eat or do in the privacy of their bedrooms. Just my take, but I think people say they are gay and proud because for so many years they had to hide it like a badge of shame, for fear of ridicule, job loss, child loss, and even death, and now they are free to exclaim it to the world.

    1. I´m glad for them, specially having had my uncle that happened to be gay. And this man came up during our cool fascist dictator name Franco ( I call him Franky boy though, nice dude). So you can imagine if he had come out during that time, probably be dead. But he never had any resentment and we never talked about it. Not because it was a taboo topic he knew we knew and we knew he knew, for crying out lout his whole house had the gay flag in each corner. Plus he was quite effeminate to say the least. But that was the least of it, I just don´t give a shit. Why I know is that he was a good damn man, a person of great heart not only to my his crazy nephew but to the rest of the people. People in that town loved him. Not because he was gay but because of who he was as an individual.

  4. I have never heard anyone say “I wear a badge of honour”. Ever.
    Gay people say they are proud because so many people say they should be ashamed. So many people say they are going to hell. Some people have been dishonourably discharged from the army for being gay. So leave them alone. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

    P S I’ve eaten vegetarian Spanish paella. In Spain. It was so good.

    1. See, I´m going to approve your comment. It´s a free country or free internet in this case. I see you disagree, maybe you missed the part that my uncle was gay and died of aids and i was there to the end.

      And I won´t rationalise with you because you do seem to be a bit close minded and by the way who do you think you are to tell me “if you can´t say something nice don´t say anything at all”? Did you actually read the post in it´s entirety? And I´m glad you liked the vegetarian Spanish paella, good for you. See you can come visit any time, we have everything for everybody, we are open minded unlike others, who actually tell me to shut up? What are you a dictator to tell me not to express my opinions when you don´t agree with them….I don´t do that to others.
      Or I could say, if you have nothing nice to say about the opinion of others then don´t read it in the first place and second if you comment try to be a bit courteous at the very least since you don´t know me. And believe me that after your stupid small minded little comment the last thing you want to see is me, you have no idea who or what I am, trust me on that.

      Anyways, enjoy your day. 🙂

  5. In the past gay people were made to feel ashamed. They hid it. They were in the closet. When they come out of the closet they are saying, “I’m not longer ashamed of the fact I’m gay, in fact I’m proud of it.” People still try to make them ashamed, saying it’s a choice and a bad one at that. I think when people stop trying to make people ashamed for being gay the gays will stop saying loudly how proud they are. The pride is fighting back against the shame.

    People do feel proud for things that aren’t choices, which is weird. They’re proud to be a(n) (whatever country they just happened to be born in or religion their parents were). Nobody ever said you should be ashamed because you happened to be born in a certain location. Sure, someone might say “Spain should be ashamed of it’s financial problems” or “American’s should be ashamed there is still so much racism” but to say “You should be ashamed you were born in X” is plain silly. Yet people do it with gays all of the time.

    1. Sure I can understand that position, but I don´t think the majority of people feel that gays should be ashamed. More than anything they just don´t like two guys being together. It´s them who chose to be ashamed, so as my uncle, he chose not to be ashamed and live his life(after our cool dictator died and we transition to a democracy…of some sorts) without that stigma that others attached might attach to him. He was a caring loving and giving person, period. That happened to be gay. So our discussions where not about gay, we just talked about whatever, for example if I watered his flowers (which he loved his little flower) and i had to water this one first and then that other second and I would say to him what´s wrong with watering the second one first instead of second, it´s not like he or she by the way how do you know the sex of the flower uncle? You´re crazy man, do they get jealous because i watered his other buddy first?….Things like that was our conversations, just normal day to day routine bullshit.

      The whole point of my rambling is that we should just people not as a collective but as individuals. And individuals come in all shapes and forms. And if some of the individuals decide to scream on top of their lungs they are gay and proud here is Spain there is the “Gay Proud parade” I just think it´s stupid. You´re gay? Good for you, what do I care you don´t have to tell me constantly how proud you are and what have you overcome to be out of the closet and all your sad stories. I have my own sad stories and I don´t go saying it to everybody i see. Or make a group of let´s say “ex combat spanish soldiers for justice” some stupid thing like that. People here could care less of their soldiers. Actually i don´t even know they know they actually have an army and that those soldiers actually are involved in combat operations. Anyways, getting off track, but you see what my point is? It´s about judging the individual not the collective. And if that individual has that urge to be part of a collective and cry out loud how proud he is to be gay, I just look at that guy and think, good for my you my man, what do i care i think is just plain stupid. Let´s see if you want me to tell you and hear me out and then bow to me about how proud i am of having served with incredible guys in some fucked up countries. It´s just not either correct or wrong, it´s just plain out stupid in my mind.
      Judge the individual. Period.

  6. I think its fair to say there are gay people and there are ‘queens’ and the two things are separate, in a way. There are vegetarians, there are vegans and there are fruitarians, so no-one has a monopoly of that corner. But I hold it to be true that exhibitionists have a personality which tends to be aggressive, and they might actually feel there is a mission to convert the world to eating plants and releasing those lovely cuddly cows to roam freely in our environment. They might also feel they want to convert the world to homosexuality, with even less chance of success, I suggest.

    I just let them get on with it. I go along for the ride, and I don’t get upset about it unless someone gets personal because I don’t think the way they do. OR unless I’m stuck behind one of their bloody f*****g parades when I’m trying to go to work in my car.
    Rock on!

    1. “stuck behind one of their bloody f…g parades when I´m trying to go to work in my car” Had to chuckle at that one.

      As I said, my uncle was gay, it was never the topic of our conversations. My point was that I´m tired of that gay and proud shit, I judge people as individuals not as collective.

      And the vegetarians….hey, eat whatever you want to eat but then don´t go around being the kings and queens of morality telling me how bad I am for eating animals that have sentiments. By the way you know that cow shit actually pollutes more than cars and airplanes combined? Not kidding, the U.N says so, the great U.N came out with that report. So actually I can make the argument that vegetarians are doing a disservice to the earth because they don´t eat them.

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