Mind games (prompt)

A prompt by the great….Join Me? | The Dark Night Chronicles . Which is to write a flash fiction story,but you can jump that and write a poem, or greeting card, or a song or whatever you want. I chose the flash fiction. The key word here is absence. You can use the word in your writing or not. Quite open the thing. But it was a good exercise for me. So thank you Felicity.

Charlie woke  up. He was still looking for it. He looked at his white round alarm clock on his bedside and thought how ugly it was. Actually he thought why all the alarm clocks he had during his life where always so ugly. At least that was what his ex girlfriend told him. And he had only bought two during his two years with her. Why was it that he lasted no longer than two years with  a woman, seemed for people a short period, but for him it seemed like an eternity but for the rest of humanity which he considered his circle of five close friends and five family members the humanity as a whole, well that humanity always told him that he had to settle at his age, it was a marvel to him that they would say that to a twenty five year old. Settle? He thought, settle is a relative word if you think about it. He was settle when he was with those ex´s and then he un settle. So really he was settling more than most people. Like a person  that would be with the same woman, their highschool sweet heart up until old age. That was  Charlie´s process of thinking.

He smoked his first cigarette of the day in his bed and decided to take his morning shower. He looked in the mirror at his dishevel black hair and black eyes and though to himself again where was it?

“Hello!!” A female voice shouted from the other side of his front door apartment.

“Who is it?” He said jumping out of the shower almost slipping on the floor. Fuck with the hellos I almost hit my head on the bathtub.

“It´s Caroline”

“Who?” His mind started racing to try to place the name.

“Caroline!” She shouted again. Does this person think that as much as she repeats her name I´m going to suddenly remember it?

“Just a minute Caroline.” He got into his jeans, put on his white t-shirt, grabbed on of the many pair of white shoes and combed his dark long hair backwards. Ready in a minute literally, king of clothing is what I am.

He opened the door and saw a petite asian woman of about his age. Her black tight top revealed perfect rounded chests and her tight jeans revealed a tight butt. Thank Good for the mirrors on the wall of my corridor.

“Hi Caroline, how´s it going?” He still couldn´t place this woman. He just hoped it wasn´t some random girl he had taken to his apartment in one of his Saturday night out´s, and had promised something in his drunken stupor that now in his sober stupor he could not deliver. He also was a bit concerned that this girl was not some crazy nut, which he had also encountered. Man o man let this one be normal or normal as someone can be, just don´t go bananas on me girl I´m tired as hell and i have no idea why. I´m looking for it,damn.

“Hi Charlie how are you feeling today?”

“Doing great and you?”

“Fine, fine, glad to see you again.”

“Yeah me too. Glad to see you I mean, I see myself in the mirror every day.”He smiled slickly. What a pathetic attempt to make me funny.

She smiled back, so Charlie thought this was not going all that bad but he still could not place this woman and why was she so nice.

“So you remembered then I was coming this Sunday right?”

“Of course, you kidding. Come on in please. Wan´t a beer or…”

“It´s 11. a.m Charlie.”

“I was just joking.” He smiled again showing his shinny white teeth which he was quite proud of.

“A coffee would be nice.” She said.

Charlie started moving to the kitchen and preparing coffee. When he returned to the living room he saw Caroline with a booklet  on top of the wooden table, a recording machine and already going through some of her notes. What in the world is this woman doing now.

“O.k Charlie, I have decided that the best course of action is that you start taking Xram and be hospitalised for at least two months.”

“Excuses me?” He mumbled in a state of shock. It came out more of a “sus m?”

“Yes Charlie, as your therapist I can see there has been no progress in two weeks and I really think it´s quite serious your condition.”

“My therapist? What in the world are you talking about. Did Danny sent you over here, is he behind this?!!” His voice now starting to rise.

“No, you yourself came into my office a couple of weeks ago and we have met since then two times a week, this is our fourth visit. I told you that if you forgot to come to my office I would come here. We where suppose to meet on Friday after you got out of work. And since you didn´t came it was obvious to me that the pills where not taking it´s normal effect on patients with mild amnesia like you, I believe it´s not a mild amnesia because of the hit you suffered to the head, it could have affected other parts of your brain and in my professional opinion I really think we should evaluate you in a controlled environment for some time.”

The two cups of coffee he had in his hands slid onto the floor along with his heart.

Two months later Charlie walked out of the hospital having found it, now he was no longer looking for it. He was no longer searching in his brain for that missing peace of the puzzle that he had lost. Everything was back to normal. His head clear as the blue sky. The Amnesia had completely disappeared after some painful electric shocks to his head but it had been worth it. Plus Caroline, had agreed to meet up with him in a social manner rather than as a therapist-patient relationship.





  1. Its beautifully rounded off mi amigo, a bit like an old realist story. I liked the twist, didn’t expect that. Good job buddy

      1. I’ll take anything Chuck, you made me laugh with the
        “Do you want a beer?”
        “But its only 11 am”
        “Yeah, just joking!”
        Made me laugh hombre

      2. That was probably a bit of me in that character…
        I do tend to when writing short stories or my failed attempt at this novel of mine that is taking ages to finish to just make it funny, sort of comes out naturally. That is really weird, it´s hard for me to write serious dark things, I can, but i just naturally go the other way.

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