Young men full of pride, cockiness is one word they can not hide.
They train incisively for battle, wanting blood inside that cage they will rattle.
Then, reality hits them when they get to experience the real mortality, but for most
the training is so ingrained in them they take that mortality and find a place in their
minds to set it in neutrality. Scary? For most is a no worry, they´re too occupied to
think of that worry, when training kicks in, is second nature within for them to begin
to do their jobs, that blood they wanted is there to be seek´d and haunted.
People from all walks of life, really putting their life´s in each others knifes,
not to be cool or pride or for glory, it´s just that their individual jobs within
the group requires them to have that little scoop. All of which leads to dark jokes,
finding corpses left behind not much to think of it as a grind, joking about the situation
and slapping each others back in their own retaliation, laughing at each other takes out the
bother, their way to stay sane where it´s a day to day reality of the insane.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. You take me back to the first gulf with this piece Charles. Nostalgia oozes from this piece. I can tell you have seen some things. Respect to you for finding a way to channel it into something creative and brilliant at the same time.

      1. That, Mr Priest, I am taking as a compliment, intended or no, I will take them where ever, when ever, they may peek their beautiful little heads up. So thanks Chuck!

  2. Hello Sir Spaniard
    I am not sure if it because I have been jamming to those different songs, but this post felt like it could have been a cool rap song….

    also, just FYI – I replied to your comment about Fox news (ver on my blog) because I decided to give it a try and I set the DVR – and well, I made a little image to show ya over there.
    signed, Mister Prior

    PS Boa noite amigo

      1. oh I did not mean “rat” spaniard = that was one of those autocorrect typos = also, I have been up for a while (got up wee early today) – anyhow,
        have a nice r e s t of your night- and be good

      2. oh I meant afternoon – you see rat – was supposed to be rest and then night was supposed to be afternoon (just kidding on that one – but not on the rat/rest)
        hope your leg is healing up well

      1. You´re damn right, a woman you are in capital letters. You´re smart, you´re a professional, you have your head well placed, and it´s you the one in the little box that appears in my comment section then you´re also beautiful.

        So, when do we get married?…… Marring the opposite of you

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