Anger issue…but well channelled

I actually wrote this about a week ago in my little booklet after having a comment back and forth with a  person, believe me that I thanked God this person wasn´t physically in front of me, in those moments I have no idea why but a switch in my heads just goes off and I go off having a broken ankle or not, good thing about it, is that I have the writing and man was it cathartic to write it down. I was going to hit publish right away, and since I felt so good I ended up writing other thing and publishing it. Anyways I figured that might as well publish it now that I´m not angry, does show quite an ugly side of me I´ll tell you that. I´m often surprise about that part of me, it rarely pops  out now, but if it does is not good, so thank God I had pen and paper, seems it´s my therapy. The only person that has brought this up to light, my anger it is, is my mother. This happened about over a year would be my guess. We where on a bus and a guy, cool guy, wanted to get through the pack of people standing on the bus since all the seats where occupied and he eventually pushed my mother on his way, I grabbed her so she wouldn´t fall and in the next second I grabbed the guy by the neck and pretty much said everything but beautiful to him. Seemed his cockyness went away, but later on my poor mother told me that I scared the bejesus out of her, that my face completely changes and that my eyes my stare at that person also completely changed, seems so in those type of circumstances. No more talk, her it is.

Think your silly comment
is just one stupid moment
Trust me don´t get worked up
or I´ll knock you down and up

I must be so disgusting
thick skin it is so might busting…in your head

So fuck you you idiot,
I´ve been through the ringer
you can´t beat me in any of your singer

You think, but you really don´t know me…
capable of what I can withstand, also understand
and you go and piss me off?

I can destroy your little cushy you little pussy
your hiding place stand you understand?

Trust me when I tell you this,
when you think your taking the piss
you better hide very good inside your computer disk
I´m in the open
so you fucked with a wrong omen
“poetry” I´m writing
but believe me
you fuck with me,
and words easily can translates into actions and good are not to be
you dumb fuck, just babling and babling
hiding behind you computer rambling.

Meet me in person you dumb shit
and I´ll carve you a scar out you dumb whit

And after I wrote this, just  like that, the anger went away and I wasn´t thinking of punching this guy face. I did comment him  not so good words I should add. That´s when he left his bullshit and actually apologised. Point being, lesson learned, seems writing truly is my therapy.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. Thank God is not Pauly, but yes, writing I find it quite he therapy. Even when I´m feeling low, I tend to write some funny piece, sort of comes out naturally which if you think about it is counterintuitive, if you feel low then normally people write about some tragic thing, but often if I feel low I can write a short story or some flash fiction story that is quite outrageous, I even laugh at me own writing….and that has to be not normal. But quite the therapy though.

      1. I do tend to write what reflect my mood but usually in poetry form, if it´s a short story that I´m in the works( which by the way there are quite a few) then since that story they do tend to play with the absurd, I sort of immerse myself in that mood of the story, an ironic absurd life of the characters with their witty replies, conversations, narrative e.t.c. So I forget about the sad part of my day.
        You too have a great start of the week, love back.

    1. For me they are just cowards hiding behind the computer. If you have nothing nice to say or constructive even if your point differs from the other but at least a good dialogue ensues if you are the type of person that can have another point of view and argue it without insulting the other person, that creates dialogue. Which is always interesting and nice to have once in a while but if you really are there to call name out you might as well just shut up. I just hate it when people are such dismissive in such a pompous rude manner. Makes my blood boil to no end. And then they hide behind the safety of the computer.

      But yes, I have found that writing is really a good therapy.

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