Saturday morning jiggy !

Flip flop
this rock´s
Flip di pi flop
it´s a sunny Saturday morning having a soda pop!

My strategy
is have no mercy
with a woman´s anatomy….
sorry, that was my OCF
I suffer from being a Obsessive Compulsive Flirt
or I should subvert that, tat tat
First comes the Obsessive Compulsive Horny
i´m just a silly little thorny!

Flip flop, dip di pi dop
happy sunny Saturday! And now…
gonna get a mop and clean the piss from my dog, not mine!
and that is in it´s own way it´s own bliss of the mind.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Thank´s, I just went to your blog. Glad you stumbled upon this crazy little post, your too good of a writer to read my things, you know when they say that maybe something good rubs off on you if you stick around somebody that is good at whatever it is they´re doing, well if you stick along to much you might get nuts reading my things. 😉
      Thank´s again, appreciate you withstanding the pain.

  1. Hehehehehehe Glad to know I am not the only one who cleans up piss. Not mine. My cats. LOL And you with these words this morning tell me you are feeling much better. LOL

      1. No time like the present to start learning, Charlie. I don’t allow money to rule me, yet I have learned to be smart enough to be wise with spending, overcoming my gut instinct to fly with the wind and buy big. Done that. Been there. And afterwards the disappointment always sets in. So now I am frugal. I’ve learned. So can you. You wouldn’t like me very much if I managed your money. I would be saying no to you much of the time you got a whim to spend money. 😀

      2. Since I am commenting over here, I am spilling the beans. The person who suggested I cheat was my own mother, Charlie, and when I told her I was pretty ill last week (high temps and other nicities) not even a compassionate anything. Honestly, it was a huge shock that my own mother would suggest I take someone else’s work and make it mine. I don’t cheat, lie, or steal. It sickens my stomach to think my mother thinks that is OK to do. I found out she doesn’t really believe in my work after all. And you think you have a mother. Hmmmmm……. Please no mention of this on Petals. My mother happens to be one of my followers. GROAN.

      3. Hey, she tries to give the best input she probably know how. Don´t be to hard on her, nobody is perfect, just got to love them for who they are. Either that or just push them away from your life since it´s only going to give you a headache. But, if you do decide to have them around, then you gotta love them for who they are and not for what you want them to be.

      4. Charlie, I just spoke to my brother this morning who is around my mother and he says lately she has been saying things that she really doesn’t even remember saying. She is 79, so taking all that in, I let this go and just accept her for who she is. And realize my mom is getting older. Thanks for the advice, my friend. Regardless of the “sting” I received, I still Love my mother. That’s how Love works. Doesn’t always guarantee you won’t be hurt. (((HUGS))) Amy

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