walking down the lane

Walking down the lane, there are paths to see
goals to obtain, but other times;
just better catch the turn around train.

Walking down the lane
choices have to be made
promises to maintain
integrity to sustain

Eventually you have to decide, hard choices
take them with pride, it can turn out good
it can turn out bad but don´t get mad or sad,
just hit the restart. Then you can have a scotch,
and watch your success, which hopefully there are
not too many much of more mess.

Make a freaking choice you! Just decide!

And down we have to keep walking down the lane,
with the head up and no shame.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. You just did make a decision. You made a decision to comment. We are constantly consciously or subconsciously making decisions. Hopefully more consciously though, and the right ones which often are hard ones.

  1. Hey Chucky bear!
    Nice inspirational piece. Keep your head up and no shame. Good piece mi amigo
    Hasta lavista…Chucky

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