She the Clandestine

Out there was
Allot of shrewd grass
Seeds of spoiled brass

Out there was
Great rotten laws
Fallen into dangerous paws

Out there,

She was the bear as well as she could vanish in thin air,
to their despair, she vanished where nobody could stare.
The traits of her job, required she jumped through those
gates she called hates.

Her art of camouflage
Made her the best at sabotage
Her art of incursion
Made her the best at subversion

Men where there and they would not be spared……..look at your loved one now gentleman.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. People tend to think I write everything about me, it´s based on me and then I twist it. Other times I just write about things that happen to me, other times I just make it up, so…….up for the reader to guess or not. As long as they like the writing what does it matter if it´s based completely on the author.
      But you liked the poem, so that´s good to hear. ❤

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