My first love

My first love…I believe I forgot my first love,
she probably flew away in some crazy disarray.

I do remember and very clearly my second love
which has eventually turned into my first love….

Writing, since I´m terrible at singing.

I don´t do it very good, but is not is like is giving me any food
so I don´t worry much about ever getting published but it would
be a nice touch for that and such.


It´s an addiction, really, I´m not saying any fiction.
In the blog I write poems…I think hence I exist hence I got my groovy mix.
I also write short stories and a terrible attempt at writing a novella which
is turning out as an ugly Prunella. I don´t have the technical knowledge nor
a vast and beautiful vocabulary….that´s freaking scary.

What I have is a bunch of words and ideas swerving through my head
like a tornado which I then have to thread in some way shape or even form.


I have no clue but if I don´t write something I will fall through.

I just love it, I just enjoy it….Like nothing else in this world to the point that it
even excludes cigarettes and beer, those do elude me when I writing mostly for
whom? Me.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Nice. Writing is therapeutic or like medicine to some.
    Having words and ideas swerving through your head is a good thing! Also, the more you read, the more vocabulary you learn — it’s true! 😀

    1. Hey there Nicole, yes writing is therapeutic. I actually get quite a lot of my anger out on paper instead of another ways and reading…..believe me if there where more bookstores here with more books in English I would probably spend quite a lot of money on books.

    1. Thank´s Kate, even though I lie quite a bit….. 😉 Kidding, yes it was very sincere. I think that without a pen and paper, forget about computer, I´d probably go nuts. Thank´s again for the kind words.

    1. Yes mam, if I didn´t have pen and paper, forget about computers or iphones or ipads, just pen and paper and wouldn´t be able to write I´d probably would go even more nuttier.

      1. Well I know how to make fire with two rocks and you don´t so in case the earth goes to hell and you don´t have any electricity….then we will see, yep, you´ll be crying out for me “Where is my caveman!!! My Charly cave?!!”

      2. well we happen to have a back yard propane pit – so if the electricity goes out – and if you do not feel like using those primitive skills – the skewers and marshmallows will be ready.
        and speaking of fire – I have a quick story to share about our fire pit.
        we put it in back in 2008 – and after the first weekend- our neighbor’s son – who was very young (toddler) I guess he saw the fire from his room and a few days later he came running up and intensely asked “you got fire? why you got fire”
        and we sometimes still say that phrase – with his accent (far) and it brings back a laugh.

      3. ha – and seriously- why would you assume that I – Mister Prior – would not know how to make a fire in the wild – ? what do you think cave women did after they gathered what was hunted – they cooked it my friend – and they did not wait on any man to come along and scratch out that fire for them….

      4. First of all I´m afraid that if I let you roam around in the wild for….30 minutes you´ll be screaming and crying so I can´t do that to you and second, we men where the ones who hunted and took all the risks to put the food on the fire. We win, superiority of males

      5. well men and women are similar – but oh so different and your last comment reminds me of this old book called “wild at heart” that was ubiquitous and a bit overkill about why men needed to hunt and have some wild adventures – not necessarily wildly sewing oats – but the Christian author was really just saying men are unfulfilled if they do not have enough adventure – and while that is true – it just got a little annoying because again – while different – women need adventure too –

        guess it depends on the personality – not the gender….

      6. It does depend on the personality but to an extent. It is scientifically proven that men and women´s brains are wired differently. It´s just a fact. So that´s why we are different, and that´s good. Women are much better at doing certain things than men and viceversa. Not to say that some women can do and even do it better some of the things men do and vicersa also. But generally, the rule stands, we are mentally and physically different. Which is a good thing.

  2. We always write for ourselves, and if by chance others enjoy it, then it’s candy – a treat we give ourselves from the author!! You have given me many treats 🙂 I thank you for that, my friend ❤

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