Early morning feeling

Tick Tock,alarm clock hits six a.m
He wakes up feeling like a human scam
Life can be a traffic jam

Tick Tock,minutes go by,
then an hour,
then he thinks of his grueling day ahead….

Tick Tock…he has to wake up
if he stays in, is going to be a close-up

Tick Tock!
Time to get over the shock
It´s not a damn hard lock
That humans can not unlock

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. did you just give me a high five….did I just see two hands up in the comment? hell that was the first, where do you people get all those symbols….thank you beautiful

      1. Hahahahhhahaha. That was a clapping emoticon by both of my hands haaahahhhaa.
        Anytime. Thankyou for the compliment👀😍

      2. embrace the weirdnes I say, weird is the new cool. So yes, you are WEIRD. I´m sure Bill Gates was thought as a weirdo and look at the guy now

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