Stroking the five five six

Stroking It baby,
have a little of arm kick
no harm since I´m quite slick
it even  gets my penis up
just through touch

forgive me
understand me?… doubt it
I did have my girl about the hight of 5 foot six,but
no bayonet fix
that time it was reassuring to hear that mix

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses



    1. last time I checked the internet was free, so you can like it or not like it,I did spend 4 and a half years in the Spanish Legion,but that was looooong time ago, or not so much time, and went to 2 “strange” countires but now at age 32 it´s another story so should you like it? hold on you did say it was a poem, so f-me, just saying it is a poem you should like it, as a matter of fact I order you to like it

  1. Don’t ever forget to attach the bayonette Charly! That’s a rookie mistake. How are you gonna stab the bitch without it? What, use your penis? Hmmmm…tapas

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