I just had sex!!!

I just had sex
and it was with a good bitch
now I´m listening to Johnny Cash
the bastard is not giving me no cash
the bitch is still talking though
damn, I´m a man whore!
hey I call her that name
but it is her who said the same
she seems to have no shame
I can´t blame, I´m Charly Wax!
you can´t beat the wax super of nax?….ha

I´m a freaking stud
So you better nod
Yes you, women!!!!
The Spansh stallion
Eating her like a lion
I´m male whore!
Just got one more score.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses


    1. It´s not a rant it is creative writing, and actually I can´t lie, I could though but is funnier when I tell the truth my truth is even stranger that if I make it up,, that thing did happen today as the girl was somoking her ” porro” or joint, and me typing away

    1. Holy shiaaat, did I really write these things…well it was quite a story while I was writing it, she just kept on talking I remember that.
      This is fun, going back to “poems” or strange ramblings I did, should re post some of them.
      Glad you enjoyed it, and showed it to me, I forgot about all these.

      1. I rember this girl, quite a psycho, after the “wiky wiky bang bang” was over, I don´t know what happened but she lost her phone, started screaming at me saying I stoled it, finally she had left it under some CD´s. So in the meantime while she was going all nutty on me, I just took out my pen and paper I always carry around and wrote that crazy thing. Which probably didn´t make her very happy seeing my enthusiasm for what she had to say. Go figure…

      2. Some people are more of being in long term relationships since a young age, some not, some have more than others. The key here is, as long as you are happy. And I have found out that nailing anything that comes my way I don´t find it exciting nor fufilling as I did in my early twenties.

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