The spanish legion


ha ha, so yep that is the 24 year old versión of Charly the Preist, I was trying to up load a 4 minutes youtube video, and yes I did watch the military videos, which I shoudn´t really, not good for me. But I did do, kind of a weird twist, so that is my me believe or not, I myself have a problem  thinking back then, that´s my question and I still can´t put the freaking photo up, and why should I put me up here? Just a dumb, horny, corny narcissist,but I am a hero so do not say, I say so do not say nothing bad……..

Out of the blue
came Charly renew
He was handsome
did a randsome of,…..
your heart, I know
so let it start
and be smart

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. that was a picture taken by a guy which I did not ask for it, the idiot just went running around with his camera, and yep, unfortuately it is me but I so have the the glasses the uniform and hell, I even have Sara, that was the name I gave to my rifle, so yeap yeap, I do look quite the other dude when you are in your work clothes, just army baby devil, and don´t ask me where( that was afhanistan) I was exactly, I was just guarding Some other idiots, did get mortar fire and a couple of shots here and there,but exact location escapes me, It was on the North East part of that beautifull place, want to learn more then send me an email,which I wont talk abot that part of myself but I can always flirt…….

      1. You actuallly had me giggling now, and is a only 10 to 7 a.m here in the land of the wild bulls, seems you do know me, or a part of me, or is that my whole me?…fuck it, yep, the description you said, well yes I can really picture that

      2. Donny you said ?…. I like more Walk you know as in the famous brother! dude…..
        Yep, smudge is clear what is not clear is how the hell I can, get to New York the city! I did live there some time ago now, and now, well what can I say I´m quite the cosmopolitan

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