And God said to the boy…

  • God said, where is your mind
    The boy responded, inside a dark mine?
    God, then stick your head up
    Boy, I had a slip-up
    God, get your head together
    Boy, do I need a brother?
    God, you´re too old boy will you stop with your play
    or you are just going to be in some kind of dismay…..
    Boy, he said, you are too rough….hell ya
    I will sniff my way out

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses


  1. Completely, indefinably, Charles postmodernist, introvertshipness. Yes I just made that word up BTW. You are uno in a million(io)

    1. Look at you Henry, now your making Word up, as if it wasn´t already weird your writig….still like wird though, nice read, had been about a week I hadn´t have Internet, nice Reading you back again sir, señor, gugugug….(and this last one was not made up)

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