Might as well do it now

yep sir siree I am remberig
not much nothing to people who are surrendering

fuck the spelling check

just got now a lot of emotions flowing
really, and not kidding
now i think about shit I should
but it just comes up to my mind
it should be a srewed up mine
i do get  agressive
if my fucks with me  me
that is nor normal
i´m informal
i am getting to pump up really
about to go…..Willy nilly
got nightmares now
got also tears now
sow what the fuck is happening now
i cant understand this shit
so i blue blue blue it
and what the fuck is wrong with this computer shit
yep,did get all sweatty and trembling and such
what the fuck I´m should be better than that pussy
slut I can cut and stab and express now so that is why the

how,now now the fucking writing is going right, or at least the letters if i had to tell you……
just expresing and no messing , you fucked up punk it is messing getting pissing- off
so you better fuck off

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses



    1. I just read this now, really read it I mean. Kind of weird really, so you want out now!!!!! Nope, you can´t , don´t you remember I´m a stalker, and not only that but a cool one, so you can´t go, you have to read on

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