Saturuday Morning!!!

It is Saturday? Yes it is, Saturday morning and I feel like Earnest Himingway,
he must be after this feeling some shame, so just came from a walk and no talk
somebody cares about that ? No, so now I will say ” squat” so…. Saturday morning !!
is just a warning
don´t start mourning
happy day happy face
that must be something to chase
leaving a big trace
sunnny here in the land of the wild  bulls
which by the way I just got one and made him do my fulls
I just that cool you fool
this is turning into a poem….na, don´t want this
although it is going to be a great Saturday morning bliss
and no don´t thank me with a kiss…. well just a couple of girl´s called Miss

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



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