and i cry….

this is it the what how why
look at that sky
running the sco- be- do
my world
i just stepped on my world
not my problem
you solve them
got the M
and they say I´m cooler than Eminem
just put that in capital letter
i´m that much of a greater
creator of words
just seeing all the worlds, no morals
but i did cry….ha ha,
gonna say a waka wak-a

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. did you cry a river…. well, since I have a cold heart when I cry the tears turn into ice, then I grab those particles of ice and throw them to the sea.
      I just had to let that line out, I do have it written on paper so i might as well use it.

      Thank´s for the comment cali friend

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