Get a rhythm

Get a rhythm,
when you fill the blues
I´ll go search now for more booze

Get a rhythm,
since I´m making love to you
you did say you want me to screw

Get a rhythm….
after me
you see?
you did pay that fee
don´t know take a weird plea
finally I did kill that she
just for my own personal glee

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. Rhythm is so terribly very important in everything. It also can get thrown out so terribly very easily. I do that with guitar often – lose the rhythm – the only solution is to just pick up and play again and keep practising… 🙂 Even if it is naturally in us we lose it by so many distractions. Like singing while trying to play – god is THAT hard. Yet if I JUST SIMPLY play and KEEP it simple to begin…. I find I get quite a nice flow going – it is pleasant.
    Take it easy Charly Priest Sir.

      1. I think I marked as spam the other comment, hate this “expensive” new computer, so in the comment before yes I did say mommy….. mi mamita sexy!!!! and also yes, I´m a lover no hater, just spreading my love to humanity…or women but anyways anyhows they are still part of humanity so it is spreading the loooove to humanity. They should give mesome nobel type of price

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