I´m a communist!!!

Just figured to become a communist, it seems it´s cool, though I will let go of my communist reasonings after it becomes un-cool, not coll to be in the minority. So yes, I´m a commu the nist
take my fist
did take the piss
it was a bliss
so now
see the how?
then i´ll borrow it now, waw!
not that was not a dog barking
that was me laughing

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. Really ?….got figure, you did not invent it! At least so says Merriam the Webster, but I think you made up that link, you really did invent it

      2. Damn… I was taken red-handed 😯
        (cover up traces, fake IP-address and sex-swap surgery) Well… Now I feel home and dry.

    1. Did you just said a llama….freaking weird. I prefer horses, cause to tell you the truth and I do know this for a fact the llama´s spit at you and horse, well forget about horses, anyhows anyways, I like dogs. They are faithfull

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